One MORE Reason To Hate Hancock

One more reason you might hate Hancock? (Oh, click it- you’ll be glad. But not GLAAD.) Will Smith’s new movie has been accused of homophobia by gay rights activists.

Head honchos at The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) allege a scene in the superhero movie takes a “cheap, unfunny shot at gay people” The offending scene involves Smith’s washed up crime fighter dismissing other superhero images, saying,

“Homo. Homo in red. Norwegian Homo.”

The peeps at GLAAD say “the slur sends a message that it’s okay to discriminate against gay people”. Snarkista’s trying to figure out who the Norwegian could be, ‘cuz she’s NOT shelling out for the movie! The economy, you know. At least Will doesn’t have to worry about a Scientology boycott.

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Not being a Scientologist sure has made Will Smith one boring mofo. The always amusing folks at bring you one of Will’s robotic Hancock interviews, enlightening us on 5 MORE reasons Hancock is gonna suck. Maybe it’ll have a decent opening, but reviews have it looking like another Waterworld. Ironman it is NOT! Guess Will doesn’t own July 4th after all.