Miley Cyrus apparently made of money

It seems teenybopper Miley Cyrus has suddenly realized just how much money she has, and is determined to spend it all as quickly as possible.  Miley has spent over $1 million in 2011 alone, mostly on clothes, restaurants, and expensive weekends away.  Most recently, she’s spent nearly half a million on part ownership of a private jet, and friends say that there seems to be no end in sight to this spending spree.

I guess no one has told her that eventually the money runs out unless she manages to make some more – royalties will only take her so far, and it remains to be seen how marketable she will remain as she gets older and loses her childhood cuteness.

Miley Cyrus gets back together with her ex-boyfriend

They say there are plenty of fish in the sea, but perhaps Hollywood is more like a pond where you keep running into the same fish over and over.  Miley Cyrus claimed back in August that things were over between her and Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, but over the weekend they were spotted together doing some pretty standard couple activities like having lunch together, running errands, and hanging out at Cyrus’ home.

Friends have said that the couple are definitely on again, and judging from all the time they’re spending together, it seems the rumors have some truth to them.  Cyrus has said in the past that she felt she would always have a strong bond with Hemsworth regardless of their romantic situation, and it looks like that strong bond has pulled them back together again.

Miley Cyrus Says Goodbye to Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana has been cancelled after four seasons on the air. After the new season wraps, Miley Cyrus will leave her alter-ego, Miley Stewart, behind forever. We hope. Of course, there are always Hannah Montana movies to haunt our nightmares…

Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana
Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana

Disney Channel Worldwide’s Adam Bonnett announced the end of Hannah Montana on Friday. “You never know in this business… but right now we’re scheduled to wrap after shooting this new batch of episodes,” Bonnett said. The fourth season of Hannah Montana begins shooting later this month. It will begin airing in late spring and continue to air throughout 2010.

The season 3 finale of Hannah Montana airs mid-march and will focus around Miley Stewart’s decision on whether or not to continue being ‘Hannah Montana’ or return to being a normal girl. We wish Miley Cyrus would decide she’d like to go back to being a regular, non-celebrity girl too, but sadly that’s not going to happen.

Fear not, Miley Cyrus fans, the Disney diva will have plenty of projects to keep her occupied – whether we like it or not. Up next she’ll be starring in the romantic feel-good film The Last Song, debuting in April and she has a bit part in the Sex and the City sequel, coming out in May.

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Miley Cyrus Posts Pics Of Justin Gaston And Herself In Bed

Miley Cyrus is racing out of control…and obviously her parents are complete morons. As everyone knows, Miley’s addicted to taking pics of herself that are sometimes quite racy. She obviously learned NOTHING after being hacked and having the shots appear all over the ‘net. No, Miley’s still at it, this time with her 20 year-old boy-toy Justin Gaston.

Miley thought it would be a great idea to post some pics on her Facebook of Justin hanging out with her IN BED. Brainiac! Besides continuing to set a skanky example for her young fans, her documentation of her love life may be evidence of a felony! Now, the Cyrus clan would have us all believe that Miley and Justin have a lovely, chaste relationship. We’d love to buy that, but the pics Miley keeps providing say something different.

Justin is a 20 year-old MAN, and is more than 4 years older than Miley. That’s a key number here in Miley’s home state of Tennessee, as that’s the defining rule for statutory rape. Not sure what the laws are in Cali, but I doubt they’d let Justin off the hook either. Tellingly, one of the comments to Miley on the Facebook screenshot says “He’s gonna kill you”, to which she responded, “He doesn’t have Facebook so he won’t know…lol”. Oh, yeah, Miley. He won’t know! L.O.L. indeed.

Snarkista’s getting tired of telling Billy Ray Cyrus to tighten the reins on Miley, and it seems he’s either given up- or going along for the PR ride hoping it will help both of them out of their Hannah Montana contracts. There are even rumors he’s PAYING Justin to be Miley’s boyfriend. Whatever the reason, it is just WRONG. We’ll see if this latest stunt gives Justin a scare, or if he keeps on tossing caution to the wind. And Disney’s REALLY walking a fine line these days with it’s increasingly scandalous starlets.

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Cindy Crawford Bans Hannah Montana For Sassiness

Billy Ray Cyrus needs to take a few lessons from supermodel Cindy Crawford on how to parent his kid! Miley Cyrus’ “Hannah Montana” is banned from Cindy’s house, because Miley (or Hannah, depending on which part of the show you’re watching) is too damn sassy to her dad! Truth!

Cindy’s 7 year-old daughter, Kaya Gerber, was apparently picking up some bad habits from Miley. Sayeth Cindy:

“She learns to be sassy from that show. I’ll say to her, ‘I don’t let anyone talk to me like that. I’ll certainly not take it from a seven year old in my own house.”

SPANK, Miley! (And Billy Ray.) Don’t give an inch, Cindy. You’ll be so glad when Kaya is a well-adjusted teenager, who wouldn’t dare hook up with a 20 year-old man, or take skanky pics of herself… or choose an idiotic, easy-to hack password for her email account like HER DOG’S NAME. Brava.

Miley Cyrus: The Horse Has Left The Barn

Miley Cyrus is reportedly seeking legal emancipation from her parents. Who didn’t see THIS coming?! The 16 year-old is said to be in discussions with her attorney about filing a Petition of Emancipation form after repeatedly fighting with Billy Ray and Tish over her romance with 20-year-old underwear model Justin Gaston. Snarkista TOLD Billy Ray he’d better get that shotgun out, but he waited too long. The Star says that Miley wants to have total control over her career, finances, and decisions.

Billy Ray is regretting letting pushy Miley have her way about Justin (who basically lives with Miley and family). “He also thinks Justin is a bit of a mooch and doesn’t want him taking advantage of Miley,” an unidentified source close to the Cyruses tells the Star.

Miley was left in tears after her dad ordered her to stop seeing Justin during a recent confrontation. “She’s totally crazy about him and isn’t letting him go anywhere,” the insider says of Miley’s feelings for Justin. “Miley told her dad to back off. She is sick of him trying to hold her down, and feels she is old enough to make her own decisions.”

Britain’s Daily Mail expounds:

“Although she’s only 16, she has been forced to mature much more quickly than most girls her age. She is dating a 20 year-old and is already a superstar, so she thinks it’s high time she started living like an adult. And although she loves her parents, she no longer wants to be treated like a child.”

DUH! Letting Miley date a 20 year-old probably helped that quick-maturing right along, mullet-heads! How in the hell are you going to set rules for a teenager after that? You KNOW Disney is kicking themselves for not covering this in Miley’s contract. Billy Ray and Tish better find a babe for Justin FAST, because there is no way Miley’s gonna break up with that hottie. Don’t let the barn door hit ya in the ass!

Miley Cyrus: Not Dead AGAIN, Hacked AGAIN

Dang, Miley- pick some stronger passwords, girl! Miley Cyrus was the subject of a death rumor AGAIN yesterday…this time someone hacked her YouTube channel and posted a video (since removed) saying she had died.

“Miley died this morning after being hit by a drunk driver. She always told us if anything ever happened to her then tell her loyal fans first before the public. R.I.P Miley, we’ll never forget you!”

As of last night, Miley couldn’t get back into her YouTube, but issued a statement that she’s OK. The hacker hasn’t been caught. Lesson to the public: Don’t believe celebrity “death” rumors you hear on Sundays. Lesson to Miley: Don’t use your name, your birthday, your dog’s name, Nick Jonas’ name or anything else that is a no-brainer for hackers. You’ve been making it so tempting for them that they can’t help themselves! Also, please never wear this fugly hibiscus dress again.