Deathly Hallows set to be dark end to Potter movies

After three months of waiting, we finally have another trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I, the first half of the last installment of the Harry Potter movies.  And the trailer certainly doesn’t disappoint – it looks as dark and ominous as the book, and although there are clearly a lot of special effects (as one expects from a movie about magic), there also seems to be a lot of focus on the story, so that’s a positive sign.  I’m a little disappointed that they’ve split the movie into two, but that’s just because I’m cynical and I think the only reason they’ve done it is to milk profits out of us for another year.  If they manage to keep the audience engaged throughout an entire two-part feature, then I’ll withdraw my complaint.  It kind of makes you wonder, though, if they’ve forgotten that the original target audience was supposed to be children.  The new, full-length trailer: Harry Potter trailer