Radio host tells Hilary Swank she’s not pretty

Radio show hosts are hardly ever known for their tact, but KCRW host Kim Masters really put her foot in her mouth when she told guest Hilary Swank that she’s not pretty.  Apparently it was supposed to be a compliment – Swank was mentioning Meryl Streep as an example of an older woman in Hollywood who still gets work, and Masters argued that it’s because Meryl Streep is not a pretty girl.  Masters then added, “and you’re not, either.”

Presumably she was trying to indicate that she thought Swank would continue to be judged on her acting rather than her looks, but Hilary was taken aback by the comment and asked Masters what she meant by it.  After not getting an answer, Swank then laughed the awkward moment off and went on with the interview.