Soulja Boy REALLY Wants You To Buy His Crap

Rapper Soulja Boy has launched a campaign called “Make Soulja Boy Platinum In A Week”, along with this majorly annoying vlog promoting it. Videogum puts it this way:

Soulja Boy is so aware of his fleeting fame and wealth that this video would almost be sad if he (and it) wasn’t the worst. And despite his best efforts to “get out the vote” on his new album, he’s clearly staring down the gaping maw of irrelevance and eternal one hit wonder status. He says so himself:

Couldn’t agree more. Warning, a bit NSFW.

Breaking: Hip-Hop Star Nate Dogg Suffers Second Stroke

Nate Dogg reportedly has suffered a stroke, his second since December 2007. is reporting that Nate, age 39, cannot breathe on his own.

Nate is Snoop Dogg’s cousin, and Nate, Snoop and Warren G formed the group 213 in 1991. They made their first release in 1994. Nate made his recording debut on Dr. Dre’s album The Chronic in 1992. He produced his first single “Regulate” with Warren G, and was featured on MANY Tupac releases. In July, Nate posted a $100,000 bond on felony charges that included stalking his ex, Latoya. Nate was in a wheelchair while in court.

False rumors went around in May of this year that Nate had died. While his first stroke left him paralyzed on one side, his people said they were pleased with his progress. Details are few at the moment, and Snark Food will update this story as they become available. Snarkista’s prayers go out for Nate, (given name Nathanial Hale), and his family. Send some out too, y’all.