Dancing With the Stars Maksim Chmerkovskiy Curses Judge Backstage

Professional dancer Maksim Chmerkovsky is certainly not interested in making friends with the judges this season on Dancing With the Stars. First he insulted judge Len Goodman a few weeks back and told him maybe it was time the judge ‘got out’ of the dance business. Now Maksim Chmerkovsky has taken out his frustration on another judge for criticizing his latest dance routine with partner Hope Solo.


Maksim Chmerkovsky vented his fury at harsh criticism of his dancing with celebrity Hope Solo a few weeks ago and insulted judge Len Goodman by implying he was maybe getting too old to still be in the dance business. He riled things up even more when he said backstage after the dust up: “With all due respect, this is my show. I helped make it what it is.”

Although Maksim Chmerkovsky never really apologized for getting catty with the judges, he has kept his mouth mostly zipped for the past few weeks. Apparently keeping a civil tongue in his head finally became too much for Chmerkovsky once again, however, in the latest round of Dancing With the Stars. Apparently the dancing pro was royally pissed at judge Carrie Ann Inaba‘s critique of his performance with partner Hope Solo.

While they kept it all smiles in front of the judges (prompting Carrie Ann Inaba to comment snarkily on Maks’ grin), Maksim Chmerkovsky and Hope Solo were less than pleased with their critiques from the panel. Hope Solo told co-host Brook Burke: “I think from day one they wanted me off the show but I am here in the final four and I’m hoping to get into the final and, I’ve got to say, Maks was smiling because we should be smiling that’s what it’s all about. So Carrie Ann, thank you, Maks was smiling. This is my partner finally we’re happy.”

In response to his partner’s mini-rant, Chmerkovsky playfully covered Solo’s mouth while the cameras panned to the judges. It wasn’t until later, after the show that Chmerkovsky expressed his true feelings about Inaba’s commentary on his dance with Solo (and his slightly creepy grinning face during judging).

“F-ck Carrie Ann,” Chmerkovsky told reporters backstage with a smile, seemingly trying to appear like he was joking (and kind of failing). “Next question.” Chmerkovsky elaborated later by saying that he thinks “Carrie Ann has an issue. I don’t know what it is. I would love to know what it is so I can address it. As of now, I have no clue what the hell she was talking about. I think it was a great night. I totally disagree with the scores, but what else is new.” Hope Solo piped up to add once again: “They’ve wanted us off since day one.”

Maksim Chmerkovsky and Hope Solo came in last place by a mile going into the final elimination, but the pro dancer says he isn’t losing any sleep over it. I go to sleep with a very clear conscious because I say everything on my mind and never hide anything,” Chmerkovsky said. “I’m good.”