Tom Cruise Wants To Play Hero Airline Captain

Little Tommy Cruise hearts superpilot Captain Chesley Sullenberger SO MUCH. Captain Chesley successfully crash-landed a US Air passenger jet in the Hudson river, saving all 150 passengers due to his incredible skill- and is a hero! Tommy played a pilot hero in Top Gun, so that makes him want this role even more. AND Tommy has a pilot’s license.

Top Gun put on his serious-mixed-with-a-bit-of-crazy face, and said: “It’s remarkable. To have done such a heroic job its amazing. I know what it’s like because we train for emergencies and then for it to happen and have it turn out the way it did, that’s how we want them all to end.”

WTF? What major airline emergencies have you been training for Tom? With 150 passengers? There is no way they’d let you behind Captain Sullenberger’s ride. So just settle down there, maverick, and please don’t embarrass the Captain.