Hugh Hefner Finally Files for Divorce from Kimberley Conrad

After 20 years of marriage, Hugh Hefner has finally decided to divorce his wife, Kimberley Conrad. Hefner and Conrad have been estranged for over half their marriage, living in separate homes while raising their two sons, Marston, 19, and Cooper, just turned 18.

Hugh Hefner, Photo by: Alexander Hauk
Hugh Hefner, Photo by: Alexander Hauk

Hugh Hefner and Kimberley Conrad separated around 11 years ago, but until now the Playboy mogul seemed unwilling to make things official with a divorce. The amicable estrangement between the former couple seemed destined to go on forever. Until, that is, Hefner reportedly sold Conrad’s house right out from underneath her for some much needed liquid cash.

Kimberley Conrad responded by suing her husband, claiming he owed her more than $5 million. Now Hefner has apparently decided he’s had enough of playing nicey-nice with his former Playmate wife and has filed for divorce at last. Conrad previously filed for divorce from Hefner in 1998, but decided not to follow through after coming to other arrangements with Hefner.

Those arrangements, naturally, included not getting miffed over the Playboy mogul’s numerous affairs with barely legal girls. Hefner has most recently been romantically linked to 19-year-old identical twins and Playboy models Karissa and Kristina Shannon, as well as Playboy Playmate Crystal Harris.

According to court documents filed on Friday, 83-year-old Hefner is seeking a divorce for “irreconcilable differences” and has been separated from Conrad since January, 1998. Hefner is asking the court to restrict 47-year-old Conrad to a spousal allowance of $20,000 a month. He claims he’s already dished out nearly $12 million to the former Playboy model over the years since their separation.

Conrad, meanwhile, wants Hefner to cough up over $5 million plus half of the couple’s Mapleton estate, as well as additional money for child support.