Hulk Hogan “Understands” OJ Simpson, Considered Killing His Wife

Ex wrestler and reality tv fame-seeker Hulk Hogan told Rolling Stone that he “understood OJ Simpson” and considered killing his wife Linda! He says he “took the high road by not slitting Linda’s throat.” LAY OFF THE STEROIDS, Braniac! Hulk and Linda are embroiled in a nasty divorce, and now Linda is considering adding criminal complaints to the mix.

Linda says Hulk has been unfaithful for years, and that he has been violent. After their split, both Linda and Hulk hooked up with lovers – both friends of their children- who were barely out of high-school. Classy!

So, one of the ugliest divorces in Hollywood continues: Linda wants half of Hulk’s 10 million dollar estate AND half of all his future earnings! The battle is sure to get juicier. Snarkista doubts the judge will look kindly on Hulk’s confessions to Rolling Stone.