Britney Spears Forced To Re-Record Her Naughty Song

Britney Spears has reportedly been forced to rerecord her upcoming single “If You Seek Amy” after radio stations across the U.S. threatened to ban the song due to its controversial lyrics. Australia instituted a similar ban on Cheeto-girl’s naughty offering. Snarkista hopes Britney now realizes where the edge of the envelope is, and that she went WAY beyond the boundaries with this one.

The skanky song’s track features the chorus “All of the boys and all of the girls are beggin’ to, if you seek Amy” – with the last four words sounding like something Snarkista won’t print here, but her smart readers can figure it out.

Many DJs reportedly planned to ban the track deeming it too offensive to broadcast. So Brit-Brit’s back into the studio to rerecord the song, dropping the “k” from the end of “seek” and renaming the song “If You See Amy”, according to The Sun. Now THAT will make all kinds of sense! This song has gone from skanky to stupid with the drop of a “k”. Wonder what the official word will be on what the hell it means NOW?

Has OK Magazine Stepped Off Of The Spears’ Gravy Train?

OK! Magazine’s new publisher Kent Brownridge has reportedly derailed the Spears family-machine’s relationship with the magazine. The New York Post says that Brownridge, a Rolling Stone veteran, tightened OK!’s budget and clipped the magazine’s ties with the Spears clan. OK! previously bought exclusives on everything from little unwed Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy to Britney’s first photo shoot with her kids (with Cheetos).

Papa Jamie Spears, now in permanent control of Britney’s entire life, apparently is refusing to work with OK!, and the tab has banned its staff from Spears events! Natch, a rep for OK! denies all, saying:

“We always follow the Spears- in fact, Britney is on our current cover, and we’ll continue running stories about them. We need them and they need us.”

We’ll see if the recession changes anyone’s mind about an end to the long relationship…Britney has no lack of scandal these days, even though Papa Spears is running the show. Her new single, “If You Seek Amy”, is the subject of much global hand-wringing. The naughty tune has been banned from Australian airplay, and may suffer the same fate in the U.S.