St Patrick’s Day Drunken Celebrities and Other Randomness

St. Patrick’s Day is one of our favorite holidays because it’s not only socially acceptable to get stinking drunk, it’s actually kind of a requirement. Plus, we love to make fun of everyone trying to wear green to honor those Irish blessings and not look like a fashion nightmare.

Guinness Storehouse in Dublin (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Guinness Storehouse in Dublin (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

We also love the randomness of St. Patrick’s Day. For example, printed a ‘serious’ story about the terrible shortage of real shamrocks in Ireland due to severe winter weather. They even managed to somehow work President Barack Obama into the so-called article. Check it out – it made us LOL.

Then there is the “Coolest Irish Celebrity” for St. Patrick’s Day. What’s fun about this one is that Pierce Brosnan and Colin Farrell lost out in a survey poll to Sir Terry Wogan, a BBC broadcaster. Yeah, a 72-year-old radio and TV broadcaster is apparently way cooler than Colin Farrell. Actually, we kind of have to agree with that one.

One of our favorite bits of randomness for the day comes from Normally we don’t tend to enjoy plugging other celebrity gossip sites, but we have to give the nod to their Top 12 Drunk Celebrity Videos in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Honestly, we kind of wish we’d thought of it first. But we concede, it was a funny idea and we had a severe giggling fit over several of the videos.

Now that we’ve enjoyed our Irish randomness for the day, we’re off to enjoy a pint of green beer wearing our totally ridiculous green top hat and scarf – which clashes wonderfully with everything else we’ve got on. Bottoms up!

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