Rev. Run’s Team Blackout- Sunday Snarktunes

Those of you who keep up with the Rev. Run on MTV’s “Run’s House” know Team Blackout well! JoJo Simmons, Rev’s son, and his longtime BFF’s Zach and Reggie came together as Team Blackout (named after NYC’s 2003 blackout) and have been getting better all the time.

Team Blackout signed with Latchkey Recordings in 2007, and their debut album “Lights Out” is gonna drop on August 19th. They have a fun, fresh sound that makes ya feel good! Snarkista thinks they’re gonna be hot in the clubs, and on the party bus!! Here are some Sunday sounds with a great video to have fun with- Team Blackout with “J-5 on ‘Em!”, and this link to their first single
“Billion Dollar Boyfriend”!