J.Lo is Accessory at American Music Awards

Do people even expect much of J.Lo any more? Probably not, but you would likely expect someone known for their voice to be more than an accessory for a car on a nationally televised awards so. But maybe that’s too much to hope for. When J.Lo sang “On the Floor,” not only did it inspire remarks such as “embarrassing” and “cringe-inducing” but she was basically playing second fiddle to a car. Her song is showcased in a car commercial – which might have been the reason or inspiration for the performance – and when the  actual commercial ran not too long after the performance, there was hardly any difference between the two.

For something slightly less nauseating, we had to turn to Nicki Minaj (oh the irony) who won two awards and began to cry a bit in her acceptance speech. She may be outrageous, but at least she isn’t being upstaged by a car.

J-Lo has a microphone malfunction

It seems that sometimes sound engineers can’t fight their sympathy for music audiences, and one live sound guy probably lost his job over the weekend as he “accidentally” turned off Jennifer Lopez‘s microphone, saving thousands of people from having to hear her sing.

Moments after Lopez started her set at the Los Angeles KIIS FM Wango Tango concert on Saturday, everything went silent and fans started to wonder what had happened.  Lopez and her crew, however, didn’t know anything was wrong, and kept going despite the malfunction.  It wasn’t until the song was over that someone clued J-Lo in, which unfortunately prompted a repeat performance, this time with the microphone on.

J-Lo and Skeletor get their own music show

It’s no secret that Jennifer Lopez has always given favor to American Idol contestants who sing in Spanish, so now she and husband Marc Anthony have been handed their own TV show so they can find even more people to sing Latin music for them.  The show is going to be called Q’Viva! The Chosen (yes, really), and rather than being a competition, it’s going to be something… else.

Apparently Jennifer and Marc are going to travel all around the American continents, searching for the best Latin performers in the most unlikely places.  The idea, of course, is to uncover talent that would otherwise die a lonely death, but I imagine the hosts and producers of the show stand to gain just a little bit of money and attention, as well.  They need to fire whoever came up with that name, though

Jennifer Lopez claims she’s not a diva

Jennifer Lopez says that she has no idea where the rumors come from that she’s a diva who dishes out bizarre demands and generally makes everyone’s life miserable, but she swears nothing could be further from the truth.  This response comes after reports that Lopez and her people made unreasonable “requests” during the negotiations for her American Idol contract.

Everyone’s worried about how interesting Idol could possibly be without Simon on the panel anymore, but I think the producers did a good job in hiring someone with as much controversy as Lopez seems to stir.  She claims never to have been a diva, but that would mean that over the years there have been metric tons of smoke with no fire.  My bet is that the Idol producers know exactly what they’re doing, and within the first few weeks of the season we’re bound to see some serious tantrums and drama from the now-struggling pop star.

Ben Affleck finally does something right

After many years of poor decision-making, both professional and personal (*cough*J-Lo*cough), Ben Affleck finally seems to have done something worthy of his talent and skill, if this weekend’s box-office charts are anything to go by.

His new movie, The Town, debuted in the top spot ahead of high school comedy Easy A and M. Night Shyamalan‘s latest attempt at repairing his own damaged reputation, Devil.  I have to admit, when Affleck was talking about his movie the other night on Leno, it sounded pretty good to me, and I’m eager to see it.  It’s been a long, hard road back from Gigli for him, and I hope now that he’s got something good going on in his professional life he manages to hang onto it.

J Lo Falls at AMAs and Adam Lambert Takes a Tumble Too

Jennifer Lopez took a fall on stage at the American Music Awards on Sunday, but the minor mishap didn’t keep her from giving a smoking performance. The booty-shaking diva kept things hot and grooving, despite her momentary two left feet.


J Lo took off for a bit jump in the midst of her performance of “Louboutins” during the AMAs, but landed on her butt instead of her feet. The well-padded Lopez didn’t let the slip-up keep her down. She was quickly back on her feet and moving to the beat.

Jennifer Lopez wasn’t the only celeb to take a fall on the AMA stage. Adam Lambert also had a harsh encounter with the floor during his performance of his new single “For Your Entertainment”. Lambert also recovered in a heartbeat, rolling into his next move with not a hair out of place. His instant twist into the next bit left many wondering if he’d even slipped at all! (A bit of slow-mo on the TiVo does reveal a bit of a stumble and hard landing before the nifty roll up.)

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Don’t Lend J. Lo Your Diamonds


Because even on Jenny’s block there’s a recession. Couture jewelry designers often loan their pricey baubles, for stars to wear at awards shows and other high-profile functions. Like seeing Stalker Aniston wearing a $6 million dollar necklace is going to compel you to run out and buy one. I digress.

Jennifer borrowed $50,000 worth of diamonds from Robert Mouawad to attend the launch of Andrea Lieberman’s fashion line, ALC, at Barneys in Beverly Hills. It’s not the Oscars, but Jenny won’t be up for one of those, ever. Lucky Robert Mouwad; diva decided to keep the loaner diamonds to add to her private collection.

“We received a call from her manager Benny Medina, informing us that Jennifer was going to keep the jewelry,” an insider blabbed to the NY Posts yesterday. “As far as Mr. Mouawad is concerned, Jennifer can have whatever she wants, but a premature demand seemed presumptuous.”

Fools! Presumptuous is J. Lo’s middle name! J. P. Lo will inform you via her peeps that today is YOUR lucky day…’cuz she’s ripping you off. No need to thank her. She might even use whatever it is twice!