Will and Jaden Smith to star in M. Night film

One might be forgiven for thinking of this as a career kiss of death – Will Smith and his son, Jaden Smith, are set to star in the next M. Night Shyamalan disaster.  Lord knows what Smith and his kid are smoking, but they seem to think that this is a good idea and that this film might actually be good.

With any luck, having such huge star power in the cast might actually get people to go see this movie in the first weekend, but that doesn’t mean people will continue to see it once they wake up and remember that oh, yeah, it’s an M. Night Shyamalan movie.  Good luck to Will and Jaden – they’re going to need it.

Will Smith working on another movie remake for his kids

Will Smith‘s new job seems to be pimping out his kids to Hollywood and the music industry, and his latest project is a remake movie for his pop singer daughter, Willow.  Last year, Smith’s son Jaden got his chance to do a remake with an updated version of The Karate Kid, and now the Smiths are in talks with Sony about doing a remake of Annie with Willow in the title role.

I’m not entirely sure about this – sure, the kid is cute and she had a hit single, but show tunes require the performer to be able to sing on a level that most kid pop stars can’t really handle, and it seems to me Willow is more about her image than about her singing ability.  Still, if Will Smith is going to push this project then it’s probably going to happen whether his daughter can sing or not.

Karate Kid Beats Up The A-Team at Weekend Box Office

Two 80’s film remakes battled it out at the box office this weekend, but it was The Karate Kid who beat down The A-Team in the end. The Karate Kid 2010 remake, starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan, shot into the number one spot with over $56 million so far in ticket sales.
Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan in 'The Karate Kid' (Sony)
Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan in 'The Karate Kid' (Sony)

Sony’s The Karate Kid remake took first place at the weekend box office, beathing out the 20th Century fox remake of The A-Team. While The Karate Kid easily surpassed the film’s production cost of $40 million by earning an estimated $56 million over the weekend, The A-Team only managed to rake in around $26 million.

Shrek Forever After fell to numer three in the weekend box office results after reigning at number one for three straight weeks. So far the final installment of the Shrek animated film series has earned over $210 domestically. Get Him to the Greek, starring Russell Brand and Johan Hill place in fourth, with the Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl action-comedy Killers coming in fifth.

Watch The A-Team 2010 and The Karate Kid 2010 trailers over at HWHills.com.

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Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith Karate Kid Never Say Never Duet

Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith, son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, have teamed up in a new video duet for “Never Say Never” from the soundtrack of The Karate Kid. Jaden Smith stars in the 2010 Karate Kid remake due out June 11.

Justin Bieber (YouTube)
Justin Bieber in "Never Say Never" video)

The Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith “Never Say Never” video features scenes from the new Karate Kid movie interspersed with cuts from the duo singing in the studio. The Karate Kid soundtrack song video also shows Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber just hanging out being boys, playing at karate moves and snacking on candy.

We think it’s a fun video and actually kind of makes us interested in seeing the new Karate Kid 2010 remake. Although, we have to say, we are getting a bit tired of seeing the same movies being made over and over again. Hollywood needs some new inspiration!

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