Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler Kissing at Golden Globes?

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler allegedly shared more than champagne backstage at the Golden Globes. According to the latest gossip, the former couple was definitely back on at the awards show, kissing and making out behind the scenes.

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler in 'The Bounty Hunter' (Photo: Madhouse Entertainment)
Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler in 'The Bounty Hunter' (Photo: Madhouse Entertainment)

Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston reportedly dated briefly during the filming of The Bounty Hunter last summer. Now, just a few months before the movie’s release, it appears things might be heating up between the two yet again.

“After they presented, they were drinking Moet backstage,” an anonymous source told the New York Post‘s Page Six. “At one point, they were making out in the kitchen… Producers for the show were actually laughing about it over their walkie-talkies.”

Poor Jennifer Aniston, she just doesn’t seem to get that these showmances aren’t getting her anywhere but heartbreak. If Butler and Aniston are back on, you can bet they’ll be back off again quicker than you can say “desperate”.

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Stalker Aniston Is Pissed At Anne Hathaway

anne-hathaway-jennifer-aniston-feudCatfight alert! Anne Hathaway, who can not EVER shut up, tried to make a joke about stalker Jennifer Aniston, and Jenny is not amused. Anne was actually attempting a joke on herself, but, TMI is Anne’s middle name and Stalker didn’t approve of her name being used in such a truthful tasteless way. So…out came the claws!

In a pre-Oscar interview, Anne said she made “bad choices” when it comes to men, and vowed to go solo or take her dad as her date to the 81st Annual Academy Awards. As an after-thought she added “I’m like Jennifer Aniston. I pick the wrong guys.”

Jennifer has ZERO sense of humor, or self-confidence, and shot back with “Say what you like…I’ve never dated con-men or criminals!” Meow! Better run, Anne. And drop the mike on your way out.