Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony Headed For A Split?

Looks like Jennifer Lopez and hubby Marc Anthony may be headed for splitsville. Apparently, Skeletor is WAY too controlling of J. Lo, and that is a HELL of a lot of controlling. Can you imagine wresting power from THAT diva? Skeletor has strong powers. Diva has had enough of them, and things have been uncomfortable around the household.

OK magazine says Jennifer is pissed at Marc for not letting her show her booty any more, and making her wear matron-wear instead. He’s been picking out her clothes and monitoring her phone calls! She also blames him for her lack of a career now, and he reportedly isn’t ANY help with the twins.

Not to be outdone, Marc has been badmouthing his wife. One night after their tense family Thanksgiving in which the couple “didn’t sit together,” he hit NYC hotspots Bungalow 8 and Marquee, where he was spotted with his hand on a woman’s thigh and overheard complaining about his wife to a group of women, “telling them, ‘She’s making me miserable,'” a source says.

Looks like Jennifer must have gotten Lasik treatments, and realized she’s been sleeping with a zombie. If it means WE don’t have to look at Skeletor any more, Snarkista says GO FOR IT, girl.