Jenny Slate Will Not Be Fired Over SNL F-Bomb

Fans of Saturday Night Live‘s new cast member Jenny Slate can relax. The actress, who accidently dropped the F-bomb on the show’s season premiere this week, is not going to be fired for her slip-up.


Jenny Slate, one of SNL‘s two new cast members this season, accidently slipped up and said the dreaded F-word during the show’s season premiere hosted by Megan Fox. During a skit featuring Slate, Fox and Kristin Wiig in a ‘biker chick chat,’ Slate misfired by saying ‘f**king’ live on air. East coast viewers had the fun of watching the slip and Slate’s comical face response. West Coast viewers, however, had their showing edited of the f-bomb video moment.

Rumors over the weekend that Jenny Slate would be fired from SNL over the F-bomb proved to be unfounded. NBC spokeswoman Sharon Pannozzo released a statement saying there was “no truth to the firing conjecture. She will not be fired.” SNL producer Lorne Michaels told The Washington Post the incident was “nothing dirty, just a slip of the tongue.”

In the end, the F-bomb drop might just be a good thing for Jenny Slate. In a season premiere where Megan Fox hosted and U2 was the musical guest, all anyone is talking about is Slate’s debut performance. That’s one way to make a name for yourself.