Pauly D Baby Custody War is ON: Baby Momma Wants Money!

DJ Pauly D baby
DJ Pauly D – Source: Wikimedia Commons

Former Jersey Shore star Pauly D only just learned he is a father to a baby daughter named Amabella but he’s already embroiled in a custody war! The poor Pauly D baby is only a few months old and already at the center of a bitter dispute between mommy and daddy. What’s at stake? A whole lot of cash and one poor kid’s future well-being.

Pauly D and his baby momma, Amanda Markert, reportedly met in Vegas and hooked up one liquor-filled night while he was working there as a DJ. The mom of baby Amabella filed court documents to establish paternity and Pauly D agreed to take a paternity test, which came back positive.

All went well to that point but that’s when things reportedly got nasty. According to, Pauly D doesn’t think his baby momma is fit to be a parent. Among his alleged complaints? His baby momma supposedly used to work at Hooters.

Plus, the former Jersey Shore star reportedly says that although he is willing to support the child financially, the baby’s mother is trying to milk him like she just won the lottery. Case in point? The photo TMZ obtained above showing baby Amabella posted with a wad of hundred dollar bills.

Pauly D and his baby mamma are now going at in court with both of them filing against each other. Pauly D reportedly wants some kind of custody of his love child, although we don’t know if he is seeking full custody or only partial. This is Pauly’s first child but his baby momma reportedly has at least one other kid.

Snooki hits police car; continues filming

Just when you thought Jersey Shore star Snooki couldn’t get any more ghetto, she slams into a police car while in the motherland filming for the show – though we’re betting Italy wouldn’t want to claim her has an offspring! Sources say she wasn’t drunk, and no one was injured – although she was later photographed wearing a neck brace.

Snooki was taken into custody though apparently not formally arrested … but then she was later snapped shooting scenes for Jersey Shore, and subsequently taking off and playing around with her brace. Sounds like she won’t be healing up quickly.

Man who punched Snooki joins the military

Brad Ferro, the guy who became famous for punching Jersey Shore’s Snooki in the face, has had to join the military in order to pay his bills.  Ferro pleaded guilty to assault in 2009 and had to serve six months probation for doing what the rest of us only dream about, and as a result, he’s had a difficult time finding a job.  In fact, he hasn’t had any work since the incident.

Apparently nobody wants to hire a guy who can’t stop himself from hitting women.  Go figure.  But the Army apparently doesn’t mind if he punches girls – they’ve accepted him anyway, and he’s currently in training to be a Cavalry Scout… whatever that means.  If it involves hitting people, he’ll be great at it.

Jersey Shore going to Italy

Well, it looks like season four of Jersey Shore is no longer going to be about the Jersey Shore – it’s going to be about the old country.  The cast are headed to Italy, where they will film the entire season for export back to the United States.

There have been mixed reactions to the announcement.  Fans of the show are generally excited to see the crew heading abroad, but some Italian-American interest groups are concerned that the cast’s less-than-stellar behavior and questionable intelligence will cast a bad light not only on Italian Americans, but on America in general.  The decision has been called “denigrating” and some groups are boycotting the show as a result.

Snooki to write a… book? Seriously?

Yes folks, it’s true – we were pretty sure she couldn’t even read, but it seems Jersey Shore‘s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is going to be a writer.  The title of her book is A Shore Thing, which may sound like an autobiographical account of her time on Jersey Shore, but apparently it’s actually going to be a novel.  The plot involves a single girl on the Jersey Shore who’s looking for romance, though, so it’s not too difficult to see the connections with Snooki’s real life.  The book is set to be released in January, which means it has probably already been completed and edited and is on its way to the printers.  That means we’re too late to stop it.

Look out Lindsay Lohan, here comes Snooki

Jersey Shore start Nicole Polizzi, known to viewers as “Snooki,” has been fined and given community service for being her regular classy self.  According to AP, a Seaside Heights judge told Snooki that she was following in the footsteps of Lindsay Lohan (which we assume was not a compliment), and suggested that he believed Snooki’s drunken antics at a local beach may have been staged as a stunt for attention, to boost Jersey Shore ratings.

Snooki went from strength to strength later in the day when on her way home from the court proceedings, she texted to her twitter audience that she was stuck in traffic and not liking it.  This prompted a response tweet from Newark Mayor Cory Booker: “I can give u a ticket 4 texting & driving.”  It seems some girls are just destined for trouble.

(info via Yahoo!News)

Jersey Shore Stars Avoid Injury in Roof Collapse

Jersey Shore stars Snooki and Vinny were lucky to escape injury after a glass ceiling gave way above them during a party in Manhattan on Saturday. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Vinny Guadagnino were attending the “Masks and Mayhem Purim” event at Solo restaurant when glass began crashing down from the ceiling onto the crowd below.

Snooki from 'Jersey Shore' (Photo: MTV)
Snooki from 'Jersey Shore' (Photo: MTV)

“Omg roof just collapsed at the purim event!” Jersey Shore cast member Snooki posted on her Twitter feed from the scene. “We thought the dj was beatin the beat hardcore but nope, the roof couldn’t handle Snooki and Vin.”

Large chunks of ice reportedly fell onto roof of the Sony building atrium, causing part of the glass ceiling to collapse. Fifteen people attending the Purim event reportedly suffered minor injuries and the area was temporarily evacuated. Eventually, order was restored and the party continued.

“The roof may have fallen and no1 got hurt, but the party still goes on!” Snooki posted on her Twitter feed. “I’m glad everyone’s ok. Thank you to the owners of Solo Restaurant for taking care of everybody and letting us keep the Purim Party poppin!”

Well, it’s nice that Snooki seems to have her priorities straight. Never mind that people could have been killed or seriously injured, at least the party wasn’t ruined!

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