Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Divorce Final at Last

Sandra Bullock‘s divorce from cheating husband Jesse James is final at last. Bullock filed for divorce from James in April, claiming the couple’s marriage had “become insupportable” after revelations of his affairs become public.

sse James (Photo: pinguino k - Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Jesse James (Photo: pinguino k - Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The details of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James’ divorce remain sealed to the public. reports both parties signed the official divorce documents last week.

Jesse James has admitted cheating on Sandra Bullock during their nearly five-year marriage. The West Coast Choppers CEO has been accused of having affairs with a number of women, including tattoo model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, former employee Merilee Gert and photographer Brigitte Daguerre.

Sandra Bullock’s divorce from Jesse James makes way for The Blind Side star to move forward with the single parent adoption of her new baby son Louis.

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