Brigitte Daguerre Claims Place in Jesse James Mistresses Count

Yet another woman has come forward to claim her place in the growing count of alleged Jesse James mistresses. Los Angeles photographer Brigitte Daguerre claims she began sleeping with Jesse James after he hired her for a West Coast Choppers photo shoot in 2008.

Brigitte Daguerre ( photos)
Brigitte Daguerre ( photos)

Brigitte Daguerre is third woman so far to claim she had an affair with Jesse James while he was married to Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock. Daguerre says she has 195 text messages between her and James, including a number of sexually graphic texts. According to Daguerre, she and Jesse James communicated for about a year only hooked up four times before she decided to call off the affair.

Melissa Smith (Mug shot)
Melissa Smith (Mug shot)

Alleged mistress #2, stripper Melissa Smith, alleges she had hold of the self-labeled “Vanilla Gorilla” much longer. Smith claims she and James had a sexual affair for two years after meeting on MySpace in 2006. According to, Smith has a criminal record for assaulting a police officer in 2009 and was arrested in February for drunk driving after failing a breathalyzer test.

Both Melissa Smith and alleged mistress #1, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, say they had sex with James on a couch at his West Coast Choppers shop. We’re thinking that couch probably needs to be taken to a hazardous waste disposal site at this point.

Much like with the Tiger Woods sex scandal, we’re betting there will soon be more women joining Michelle McGee, Melissa Smith and Brigitte Daguerre on the list of alleged Jesse James mistresses. Obviously these men think women are pretty much like potato chips, you just can’t stop at one… or two… or three…

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Jesse James Custody Battle Explodes After Michelle McGee Affair Revealed

The custody battle between Jesse James and former porn star ex-wife Janine Lindemulder is heating up after an alleged affair between the biker and tattoo model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee hit the tabloids.

sse James (Photo: pinguino k - Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Jesse James (Photo: pinguino k - Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Not only has Jesse James reportedly lost his wife, Sandra Bullock, over his alleged affair with Michelle McGee, he could lose partial custody of his daughter as well. Jesse James’ ex-wife has reportedly filed legal paperwork to reclaim at least partial custody of their 6-year-old daughter, Sunny.

Janine Lindemulder Photo: - Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Janine Lindemulder Photo: - Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Janine Lindemulder lost custody of Sunny after being convicted of tax evasion, according to Lindemulder allegedly believes the possibly impending divorce between Jesse James and Sandra Bullock could open the way for her to gain back some of her parental rights. Lindemulder is reportedly currently living in a halfway house after serving out her prison term.

A judge reportedly refused Lindemulder’s previous petition for custody partially because James’ wife Sandra Bullock was considered a “stabilizing family influence.” Without Bullock in the picture and with the affair scandal all over the press, James could face difficulty in preventing Lindemulder from reclaiming some custody of their daughter.

The court date for a hearing in the custody battle is set for June 14.

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Jesse James Mistress Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee a Nazi Lover?

When we heard the rumor that Jesse James had cheated on wife Sandra Bullock with tattoo model Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee, we thought it had to be crazy talk. Then James actually came out and apologized in the press for his ‘poor judgment’ and we just felt sad and betrayed for the Oscar-winning actress. Now it turns out Jesse James’ mistress Michelle McGee is apparently not only a stripper and adult web-cam girl, she may also be a white supremacist Nazi lover!

Michelle McGee Nazi photo shoot (Source:
Michelle McGee Nazi photo shoot (Source:

Can this story get any more sordid or weird? It’s bad enough Jesse James allegedly cheated on all-American girl Sandra Bullock with a girl who has “Pray for Us Sinners” tattooed across her forehead. Not that we have issues with tattooed ladies (we quite like them) or strippers or adult industry workers – everyone has to make a living. But we do have serious issues with a woman who doesn’t mind posing for a Nazi-loving themed photo shoot, which Michelle McGee apparently did with gusto!

Not only that, but Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee reportedly has a “W” and a “P” tattooed on her legs to represent the words “White Power”. In court documents filed by her ex-husband, Shane Modica, McGee also allegedly enjoys using the Nazi salute in front of her child and would sometimes rearrange her fridge magnets to spell out white supremacist sayings.

Talk about slumming in the gutters Mr. James!

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Sandra Bullock Husband Jesse James Accused of Cheating with Tattoo Model

Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock glowingly thanked husband Jesse James in her best actress Golden Globe acceptance speech for her role in The Blind Side. Unfortunately for Bullock, a woman named Michelle McGee is now claiming Jesse James was cheating on the actress while she was filming the movie!

Sandra Bullock InTouch Magazine Cover (
Sandra Bullock InTouch Magazine Cover (

According to InTouch Weekly, tattoo model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee claims she had an affair with Jesse James while Sandra Bullock was on the set of The Blind Side. McGee says contacted James’ West Coast Choppers in hope of landing a modeling gig. After exchanging e-mails, the two allegedly met up in Los Angeles, where McGee allegedly proceeded to do some ‘private’ modeling for James.

“We ended up on the couch,” McGee told InTouch. “He wanted to watch movies, but I asked him, ‘What’s going on with you and Sandra?’ He said, ‘She doesn’t live here. She has a house in Austin. She is filming, and I can’t talk about it.”

McGee goes on to claim that she assumed James and Bullock were separated and began having “intimate relations” with the beefy biker at least twice a week for the next five weeks. The tattoo model alleges she even nicknamed Jesse the ‘Vanilla Gorilla’ because he was so “well-endowed”.

Alleged mistresses in Hollywood are a dime a dozen and we seriously hope this rumor is nothing more than a fame-whore looking for a bit of cash and second-hand celebrity status. Bullock and James are so damned cute together, we’d hate for there to be any actual truth to this nasty bit of gossip!

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