Jesse James Leaves Rehab After Sandra Bullock Refuses Calls

Jesse James has checked out of the rehab clinic where he was receiving treatment for ‘personal issues’ after wife Sandra Bullock allegedly refused to take his phone calls. West Coast Choppers CEO Jesse James had reportedly planned to stay at the clinic in Arizona for a full month, but allegedly left rehab over the weekend when efforts to reconnect with his wife failed.

Jesse James (Photo: pinguino k - Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Jesse James (Photo: pinguino k - Source: Wikimedia Commons)

An unidentified source reportedly told Star magazine the biker became “furious” after wife Sandra Bullock would not speak with him over the phone.

James is believed to have entered the rehab clinic for sex addiction treatment, although that has not been confirmed. His rep would only say James checked into the facility to “deal with personal issues.” At least four women so far have come forward as alleged Jesse James mistresses, although one of the women has not yet identified herself in the press.

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A moving truck was spotted hauling away boxes and furniture outside Jesse James and Sandra Bullock’s home in Seal Beach, CA on April 2. Bullock is allegedly working on moving forward with a divorce from James, but so has not officially commented about her husband’s alleged affairs.

If Jesse James entered rehab to try to play some kind of sympathy card with his estranged wife and get her to take him back, it obviously didn’t work. Apparently Sandra Bullock has a stronger bullshit meter than Elin Nordegren. Then again, there are millions and millions of dollars reasons for Elin to stay with Tiger Woods. Sandra Bullock, on the other hand, doesn’t need a damn thing from Jesse James except to never see his cheating face again.

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