Jesse James Admits Cheating on Sandra Bullock on Nightline

In an interview with Nightline scheduled to air on May 25, Jesse James admits he cheated on wife Sandra Bullock and breaks down into crocodile tears over how badly he’s screwed up his life.

Jesse James on 'Nightline; (ABC)
Jesse James on 'Nightline; (ABC)

“I took a pretty amazing life and marriage and threw it away,” Jesse James says in a video clip from his Nightline interview, which airs on Tuesday. When asked if he thought he was the most hated man in American after cheating on Sandra Bullock, James said: “I think it’s most hated man in the world right now.”

During the interview, Jesse James gets all weepy and tearful several times, at one point calling for a break so he can sob over being a total asshat. Awh, don’t we just feel terrible for him? Not.

James also offloads a bunch of BS about rehab, Bullock’s adoption of baby Louis and other crap. He also apologizes again to Bullock and his kids for being a dick. Yawn, whatever. We believe you give a damn about as much as we believe Tiger Woods gives a shit that he slept with a bunch of skanks behind his wife’s back. In other words, we think you only care at all because you got caught.

If you hadn’t gotten caught, we’re quite sure you’d still be tricking it out with famebangers in the office of your bike shop at every opportunity. People who really give a shit about their partners don’t cheat on them in the first place.

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