Jesse James: Serial Cheater

To say that Jesse James is a serial cheater is putting it nicely. Of course we all remember the revelations that ended his relationship with the beautiful, accomplished Sandra Bullock just days after she won an Oscar: he’d been cheating on the superstar, and it wasn’t just a one-time thing. He managed to drop relatively off the radar and has been dating Kat Von D. They were engaged until Kat found out that Jesse had been cheating on her with not one, not two, not ten but 19 other women during the year they were together.

That’s a lot of women for one year, while balancing a so-called committed relationship, it’s impressive (in a sick way) that he managed to meet and seduce that many ladies. Now, people close to the situation are urging him to seek sex addiction counseling.

Plus, the couple’s split is getting nasty. Among the problems?  Kat’s refusal to return her 4.5-carat diamond engagement ring — which legally she’s entitled to keep.



Jesse James even more of a douche than previously thought

You would think that his gross infidelity would have shamed him into permanent obscurity, but apparently Jesse James is not done ruining Sandra Bullock‘s life just yet.  James has signed a contract to write a tell-all memoir about his sordid past, and it’s safe to assume that he will be discussing details about both his marriage, and the affairs that led to his divorce.

Sandra Bullock was blindsided by the news, and has now told Jesse that she will never speak to him again, not even for the sake of her children.  There is clearly no limit to how much betrayal this sorry excuse for a man can dish out, but I’m sure his book will be a bestseller anyway.

Jesse James Admits Cheating on Sandra Bullock on Nightline

In an interview with Nightline scheduled to air on May 25, Jesse James admits he cheated on wife Sandra Bullock and breaks down into crocodile tears over how badly he’s screwed up his life.

Jesse James on 'Nightline; (ABC)
Jesse James on 'Nightline; (ABC)

“I took a pretty amazing life and marriage and threw it away,” Jesse James says in a video clip from his Nightline interview, which airs on Tuesday. When asked if he thought he was the most hated man in American after cheating on Sandra Bullock, James said: “I think it’s most hated man in the world right now.”

During the interview, Jesse James gets all weepy and tearful several times, at one point calling for a break so he can sob over being a total asshat. Awh, don’t we just feel terrible for him? Not.

James also offloads a bunch of BS about rehab, Bullock’s adoption of baby Louis and other crap. He also apologizes again to Bullock and his kids for being a dick. Yawn, whatever. We believe you give a damn about as much as we believe Tiger Woods gives a shit that he slept with a bunch of skanks behind his wife’s back. In other words, we think you only care at all because you got caught.

If you hadn’t gotten caught, we’re quite sure you’d still be tricking it out with famebangers in the office of your bike shop at every opportunity. People who really give a shit about their partners don’t cheat on them in the first place.

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Jesse James Wedding Ring Now Missing Too

Sandra Bullock has already been spotted sans wedding ring, but it looks like husband Jesse James‘ wedding ring has now gone missing as well. James is reportedly just back from a month of rehab treatment for “personal issues” and was photographed Monday without his wedding ring.

Estranged wife Sandra Bullock was photographed earlier this week hiking in Northern California without her wedding ring. Now Jesse James has apparently ditched his as well, leading many to speculate a divorce is definitely on the way shortly.

Jesse James (Photo: pinguino k - Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Jesse James (Photo: pinguino k - Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Jesse James was seen wearing his wedding ring as recently as a month ago, even after the news of his alleged affairs with various mistresses was daily fodder in the tabloids.

Sandra Bullock is still keeping things low profile in the wake of her husband’s cheating scandal. That isn’t stopping James’ alleged mistresses from harassing her, however. Melissa Smith, one of James’ alleged other women, faxed a letter of apology to Bullock’s reps on Sunday saying she was “deeply sorry” for everything the actress has been through.

“I am sorry for any hurt or pain that I have caused you. My actions of engaging with a married man are unforgivable. I never meant you any harm,” Smith said in the letter, according to

Jesse James mistress Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee has also apologized in the press for sleeping with Bullock’s husband. Frankly, we don’t believe either of them are sincere in the slightest. If they really cared about Sandra Bullock’s feelings, they’d shut the hell up and fade back into the slimy ditch they crawled out of.

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Jesse James and Tiger Woods Mistresses Team Up for Reality Show?

Alleged Jesse James mistress Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee and alleged Tiger Woods mistress Jamie Jungers may soon have something in common other than banging famous people in back rooms.  The two are reportedly in talks to do a new reality show about cheating Hollywood men.

Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee (publicity photo)
Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee (publicity photo)

According to, Michelle McGee and Jamie Jungers are trying to cash in on their celebrity trysts to extend their questionable 15 minutes of fame. The show is allegedly a remake of the original Cheaters show by Bobby Goldstein. Goldstein reportedly says both McGee and Jungers have agreed to star on the new Celebrity Cheaters show, but the series does not yet have a network.

Jamie JungersThe pitch for the show says the series would be based around the theme of trying to “catch celebrity cheaters with their pants down.” Well, we guess both Michelle McGee and Jamie Jungers are quite experienced in that skill.

So far the new reality series featuring Tiger Woods and Jesse James’ alleged mistresses is nothing more than hot air. Sadly, however, we could imagine at least a few networks that would probably be willing to air such crap.

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New Jesse James Mistress Merilee Gerth Reveals Racy Messages

Racy messages between former West Coast Choppers employee Merilee Gerth and boss Jesse James have leaked to the Net. We’re feeling a serious déjà vu to the Tiger Woods sex scandal here. Merilee Gerth sued Jesse James back in 2007 for sexual harassment after she was fired from West Coast Choppers, a lawsuit that was eventually settled out of court.

Jesse James (Photo: pinguino k - Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Jesse James (Photo: pinguino k - Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Jesse James and Merilee Gerth allegedly had an affair while she was working at West Coast Choppers. Gerth was reportedly fired after the affair ended and sued her former boss for sexual harassment with the help of celebrity attorney Gloria Allred. The suit was settled for an alleged six figure payout.

Gerth reportedly had a mass of email messages between her and Jesse James to support her claim in court. Several of the messages, printed by, detail sexual innuendo between James and Gerth while they were working together at West Coast Choppers.

Jesse – “Need anything before I split?…..”

Merilee – “Some tums.”

Jesse – “I have some special fluid that you can drink and it makes it all better….”

Even worse, Merilee Gerth allegedly kept a dress with ‘stains’ on it as further proof of her affair with Jesse James. How very Monica Lewinsky of her! Please, Sandra Bullock, why haven’t you filed those divorce papers yet?

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No Sandra Bullock Sex Tape Actress Says

Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock has finally spoken publicly regarding rumors arising from husband Jesse James‘ alleged affairs. Although Bullock did not specifically address James’ alleged cheating, she did go on the record to say there is no Sandra Bullock sex tape lurking out there to bite her in the ass.

Sandra Bullock SF
Sandra Bullock

“There is no sex tape,” Sandra Bullock said in a statement to People on Thursday. “There never has been one and there never will be one.” The sex tape statement is the first public comment Sandra Bullock has made in connection to the allegations husband Jesse James cheated on her with at least four women.

Rumors have been flying Jesse James made sex tape videos with at least one of his alleged mistresses. Gossip also circulated Sandra Bullock and Jesse James had made at least one graphic sex tape together that could become a weapon in a divorce battle between the two.

Well, we’d like to hear Sandy Bullock say she’s divorcing that sack of cheating slime Jesse James for good. But we’re at least glad to hear she won’t be having to deal with some horrible sex tape of herself getting leaked to the Net – and we believe her when she says there isn’t one. Personally, we never thought that rumor had an ounce of truth. Bullock is far too classy a babe to let herself get caught with her pants down on camera.

As for sex tapes involving Jesse James and his tattooed mistresses, now that we can believe. We’re betting it’s only a matter of time before one of those starts making the rounds…

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