John Mayer Admits To Being “Just A Jerk” In Past Relationships

John Mayer admits to being “just a jerk” in past relationships. In an upcoming interview with CBS This Morning, this singer admits, “I was just a jerk” in past relationships. Mayer, who infamously referred to Jessica Simpson as “sexual napalm” in a 2010 sit-down, tells host Anthony Mason that he’s now a changed man.

“It’s very liberating when you finally realize it’s impossible to make everyone like you,” says the “Your Body Is A Wonderland” crooner. He adds, “I wanted everybody to like me. I thought I was one shuck and jive away in every direction.” Mayer goes on to tell the morning show that dealing with the bad press from his overly-candid interviews was even worse than recovering from throat surgery and not being able to sing. Continue reading John Mayer Admits To Being “Just A Jerk” In Past Relationships

Simon Cowell talks about X-Factor

Simon Cowell recently discussed the names of who is and isn’t being considered as judges for his new X-Factor show, and he seems surprised about the rumors that are going around.  Most recently, the buzz has been all about Taylor Momsen, but not only does Simon say that she’s not being considered, he doesn’t even know who she is.  So that’s a no.

Apparently the potential candidates are Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, and Jessica Simpson.  I’m not sure if any of those people sound particularly exciting, but then again I didn’t think Jennifer Lopez would be anything special on American Idol, and she’s turned out to be a pretty good judge, if not a little boring.  Maybe Jessica could bring a little of the ditziness we loved when she was on TV a few years ago.  That was pretty entertaining.

Jessica Simpson may have manufactured her engagement

It’s looking more and more like the timing of Jessica Simpson‘s engagement is not a coincidence.  Friends and associates have pointed out that her fiancé, Johnson, is currently unemployed, and although his parents are well off, the man himself is not exactly swimming in money at the moment.

Jessica’s ring is worth an estimated $100,000, prompting many to speculate whether she actually bought it herself.  In addition, even though Jessica and Eric have only been dating for a few months, she’s agreed to marry him without a prenup, and considering that she’s worth more than $100 million, that’s a lot of money that Eric will be getting his hands on soon.  Things that make you go hmmmm.

Jessica Simpson getting married again

Not to be outdone by ex-hubby Nick Lachey getting engaged to Vanessa Minnillo, Jessica Simpson has a little announcement of her own: she’s getting married again, too.  Simpson and NFL player Eric Johnson have only been dating since May, but she’s already wearing the huge diamond engagement ring he gave her, and they’re trying to find a date for the wedding that doesn’t clash with either of their schedules.

If the timing of this engagement seems a little bit suspicious, go ahead and place your bets now – Jessica was recently caught in a difficult position when she refused to say whether or not she thought Johnson was “the one” for her, but that he was definitely Mr. Right Now.

Jessica Simpson named as guest judge for Project Runway finale

Here’s one from the what-were-they-smoking files: the producers of Project Runway have named none other than Jessica Simpson as the celebrity guest judge for the season finale. The queen of the mom jeans is going to be in a position to pass judgement on the style of others, which seems a bit crazy.

However, it’s certainly no worse than having Faith Hill do the job, which is exactly what happened last year. Simpson at least has some sort of style credentials, as she has her own clothing line, but I’m not sure how much she actually has to do with designing the clothing, other than putting her name on the label. It’ll be interesting to see just what sort of things she has to say about this year’s Project Runway collections.

Jessica Simpson Responds to John Mayer Playboy Comments on Oprah

Jessica Simpson is none too happy with ex-boyfriend John Mayer and she’s telling Oprah Winfrey all about it. In an interview on Oprah airing Wednesday, Jessica Simpson slams John Mayer for revealing far too much information about their sex life to Playboy.

Jessica Simpson on 'Oprah'
Jessica Simpson on 'Oprah'

“Sexually it was crazy… It was like napalm, sexual napalm,” John Mayer told Playboy of his relationship with Jessica Simpson.  Mayer also compared Simpson to “a drug… like crack cocaine.”

Appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Jessica Simpson said she is “disappointed” in ex-boyfriend John Mayer for dishing about their sex life. “I don’t want people to know how I am in bed,” Simpson tells Oprah.

In the interview, scheduled to air on Wednesday, Simpson also speaks with Oprah about the public response to her weight gain last year. “I love my curves,” Simpson says. “I’m not going to ever be size 0, and I don’t want to weigh 90 pounds.”

Honestly though, after being called “sexual napalm” in bed by John Mayer, we’re doubting Jessica Simpson is going to have any trouble keeping the guys out there drooling over her, no matter how ‘curvy’ she is.

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Tony Romo Dumps Jessica Simpson


And he did it with such EXQUISITE timing! The day before her “Barbie and Ken” themed 29th birthday!! Way to get out of the gift dilemma AND the certain awkward pics, Tony. It’s hard to find those yee-haw milkmaid dresses that J. Simp seems to be enamored of, and, well…it looks like jewelry was out of the question.

Jessica, of course, is heartbroken. She and Romo have been dating since 2007, and her “concert” shoutouts to her Cowboy are legendary loads of Too Much Information. A snitch friend tells People that:

“She is heartbroken. She loves Tony. But it’s been difficult lately. He’s busy with his career and she’s getting ready to shoot her show. They decided to part ways.”

Papa Joe Simpson is officially getting the blame for the bust-up for his notorious meddling ways. Dallas Cowboy fans everywhere are PUMPED.