JJ Abrams Super 8 Trailer Video Leaked Online

No one was supposed to see the top secret Super 8 trailer video for the new project from J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg unless they were headed to the Iron Man 2 premiere this weekend. The Super 8 trailer was supposed to be a surprise aired during the previews for the new Iron Man sequel. Instead, the Super 8 video was leaked in advance to the Net for all to enjoy.
Super 8 (Paramount)
Super 8 (Paramount)

The super secret JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg project has been the subject of a massive swirl of rumors in the last few days. Few details about the project have come to light so far. Until last night, when the trailer for Super 8 aired in the previews for Iron Man 2 at the film’s midnight premiere.

But before most people saw the Super 8 trailer in the theaters, the video was already spreading across the Net. Which frankly, we’re sure doesn’t displease Abrams or Spielberg. Viral videos are the movie industry’s not-so-secret weapon in the modern Internet age. Heck, half the time the studios leak this stuff themselves!

For those who haven’t yet seen the Super 8 trailer video leaked online, you can check it out below – for as long as it lasts. We apologize if it gets taken down, we’ll try to find another source if it does.

Hints of an alien monster, train crashes, explosions, Area 51 – we can’t wait to see more about Super 8 soon. This trailer still leaves us with far more questions than answers about this mysterious movie. Regardless, the brief trailer does certainly leave us wanting more!  Too bad we’ll have to wait until next summer to actually see it.

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