Star Trek Sequel to Feature SATC Alum

Sex and the City might not seem to go too well with Star Trek, but it appears that J.J. Abams chose Alice Eve – of SATC fame – to star in his newest sci-fi movie, Star Trek 2. There’s not an official deal, but word is that Paramount Pictures will ink a deal with the actress soon.

It’s just not clear who, exactly, Eve will be playing. It looks like the 29-year-old star will make an appearance as an altogether new character in this sequel. Other actresses vying for the part were Teresa Palmer and Hayley Atwell.

And even once this deal is official, there’s still one more role to cast, reportedly for a villain-type character.

The production of “Star Trek 2” is expected to kick off in early 2012 as the film is scheduled to open on May 17, 2013. So we’ll have to subsist on these tidbits of news as we get them, and wait another year and a half before we can see what transpires on-screen.

JJ Abrams Super 8 Spawns Critic Love Fest

In Hollywood, it is rare surprise to see a majority of film critics get together to gush over anyfilm, much less a sci-fi monster thriller, even if it is written & directed by J. J. Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg. It seems that Super 8 just happens to be one of those special films that not only looks damn cool in the trailers, but actually lives up to those trailers in the theater.

Elle Fanning & Joel Courtney in Super 8, Source: Paramount Pictures

Super 8, starring Joel Courtney, Elle Fanning, Aj Michalka and Kyle Chandler, is set for release this Friday in both normal and IMAX versions. The movie focuses on a group of teenagers who witness a train crash while making a movie with a Super 8mm camera. Turns out the train was moving materials previously stored at Area 51 to a new location. After the crash, disappearances and all sorts of strange things start happening around town. The Scooby Doo kids, of course, become involved in the mystery of figuring out what is going on.

Roger Moore of the Orlando Sentinel has already called the film “one of those jaw-dropping out-of-body summer entertainments that kids old enough to swear and see PG-13 films will remember on into adulthood.” The luminary Robert Ebert from the Chicago Sun-Times calls Super 8 a “wonderful film” and describes it as “like seeing a lost early Spielberg classic.” That’s a serious kind of compliment for any film, but we’re talking about a monster movie set in 1979 — a time period and subject matter that doesn’t really scream “jaw-dropping” at first glance. Now, that’s impressive.

According to ratings compiler, Super 8 has so far garnered an average ratings score of 83% among critics. Time magazine critic Richard Corliss calls Super 8 a “scary, artful thriller” and that’s saying something, because Corliss isn’t afraid to bash with the best of them.

So, our conclusion? Get the hell out there and see this movie because it looks like it’s going to be a blast!