Joe Biden F-Bomb Video Spurs Outrage and Amusement

A lot of people seem to be making a big deal out of the Joe Biden f-bomb video making the rounds on the Net, but we just find it all rather amusing. Honestly, how many of us out there haven’t uttered the f-word at an inappropriate time and place at some point?

Joe Biden drops the f-bomb (YouTube Screenshot)
Joe Biden drops the f-bomb (YouTube Screenshot)

Granted, one would hope that the runner-up to the leader of the free world would be able to keep his mouth in check. On the other hand, he didn’t know Barack Obama‘s mic was already on when he stepped in to give the President a hearty congrats for getting the health care reform bill passed and proclaimed it was “a big f**king deal” for all the world to hear.

As for those who claim Vice President Joe Biden “sullied” the passage of a historic piece of legislation, we say get over it. We actually think it’s kind of cool that Biden was obviously impressed with the achievement and felt like he had to really express that pride to Obama.

We’ll let you make up your own mind about whether Joe Biden made a minor gaff or a major f**k-up, but we just find it a bit silly people can get so worked up about a little bit of cursing.

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SNL Spoofs The VP Debate With Tina Fey And Queen Latifa

Queen Latifa does a fab job of sending up moderator Gwen Ifill on Saturday Night Live! Tina Fey NAILS Sarah Palin again, and cast member Jason Sudeikis hilariously steps into the role of Democratic VP candidate Joe Biden. Scranton, Pennsylvania is gonna be PISSED! Once again, SNL is a REAL Maverick.

If you have trouble with the video, click here. Enjoy!

Democrats Spoof Sarah Palin With Debate Flow Chart

Last night’s debate between Vice Presidential hopefuls Sarah Palin and Joe Biden was absolutely a study in contrasts. Sarah is upbeat, Joe is grumpy. Undecided voters seem to be liking upbeat better! It’s the economy, stupid, we’re ALL depressed!

Democrats took a shot at funny today with The Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart, and we imagine even Sarah would find it hilarious. She is just so dang good-natured!! Biden doesn’t stand a chance in the race for the happiest candidate.

Stumped By The Candidates? FREE LEVI!

Obama, McCain, Biden, Palin…so many choices it makes the brain hurt! Add to the mix the major fuckery going on in ALL of our largest financial institutions- Hurricanes Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and OWWWW!!!

Give yourself a break and hop onto a cause with some meat in it. And I mean a HUNK of meat. Specifically, the hunk of meat named Levi Johnston, former happy-go-lucky Alaskan redneck, literally plucked out of obscurity into the limelight of Election 2008. All for knocking up Bristol Palin. Cheezus.

American ingenuity always comes through in a crisis, and many feel the need to FREE LEVI from a shotgun wedding is a cause they can genuinely get behind. Therefore, cottage industry! Cafepress has all you need to help free Levi, tell Levi to RUN, or just have something to put in your yard ‘cuz you can’t decide on a candidate! Better than Excedrin! Now if we could just FREE THE DEFICIT! It’s about to get a HELL of a lot bigger. Happy Retirement!!

Tougher In Alaska: Sarah Palin’s Convention Speech Video

Well, last night was one for the history books. Rudy Guiliani teed it up, and Sarah Palin knocked it out of the park. Snarkista gives Sarah major props for grace under fire, an excellent speech, and for kicking some media ass. Her whole family was there to watch, including her parents AND hot future son-in-law Levi Johnston! You would NEVER know that Sarah’s teleprompter was way effed up, was broken at first, skipped around, and then went too fast. Did not phase the barracuda. Here’s the video of Sarah Palin’s speech last night at the Republican National Convention.

Snarkista knows that work/kids/life may not allow you the luxury of time to watch the entire speech, so here is the text transcript of Sarah Palin’s convention speech at the Republican National Convention.

In case you missed it, here is Joe Biden’s convention speech video.

Pictures of the Palin Family and Levi Johnston with John McCain from last night.