David Letterman Not Telling Full Story Says Joe Halderman Lawyer

Appearing on the Today Show Monday, accused blackmailer Robert Joe Halderman‘s attorney said David Letterman is not telling the full story about his client’s alleged extortion attempt.

Robert Joe Halderman Attorney Gerald Shargel on 'Today'
Robert Joe Halderman Attorney Gerald Shargel on 'Today'

“Look at the fact that there was a $2 million check,” said defense lawyer Gerald Shargel. “In the history of extortion, I don’t think there’s been a single case where the alleged extortionist took a check in payment. It just doesn’t make any sense.”

Shargel said Late Show host David Letterman was not telling the full story when he announced Halderman has attempted to blackmail him over past sexual affairs with female staffers. “I look forward to cross examining David Letterman because I don’t think the full story is before the public,” Shargel said.


“If you only hear David Letterman’s side of the story, take it at face value and say, ‘Turn off the sets, that Halderman’s guilty’ — I think that’s plain wrong.”