Michael Jackson Doctor Not Guilty Plea Spurs Outrage from Jackson Family

The family of Michael Jackson is outraged by Dr. Conrad Murray‘s not guilty plea to a charge of involuntary manslaughter in the death of the pop superstar. Murray pled not guilty to the charge he caused Michael Jackson’s death in court on Monday.

Michael Jackson (White House Photo Office)
Michael Jackson (White House Photo Office)

“He’s lying. He’s guilty. Nobody was there but him,” Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson, said at a press conference following Dr. Conrad Murray’s arraignment on Monday. “He’s just trying to save his own behind… He killed him.”

Dr. Conrad Murray, who served as Michael Jackson’s personal physician before his death, faces up to four years in prison if convicted on the charge of involuntary manslaughter in the singer’s death. He was released after arraignment on $75,000 bail.

Both sister La Toya Jackson and father Joe Jackson have stated they think Dr. Conrad Murray wasn’t the only guilty party involved in Michael Jackson’s death, although the entire family believes he was the primary hand behind the singer’s demise and should have faced heftier charges. Joe Jackson, in particular, has hinted repeatedly that some of the blame should fall on those pushing Michael Jackson to commit to a grueling schedule for the ‘This Is It’ tour.

“There’s other people, I think, involved with this whole thing,” Joe Jackson said on CNN’s Larry King Live. “He was afraid to even do all of these shows [in his planned tour], because he was afraid that he wouldn’t get a chance to finish all of the shows,” Joe Jackson said. “He couldn’t do all those shows back-to-back. Even his kids say that he had told them that he would be murdered.”

Dr. Conrad Murray (YouTube screenshot)
Dr. Conrad Murray (YouTube screenshot)

Michael was murdered, and although he died at the hands of Dr. Conrad Murray, I believe Dr. Murray was a part of a much larger plan,” La Toya Jackson said in a press statement. “There are other individuals involved, and I will not rest and I will continue to fight until all of the proper individuals are brought forth and justice is served.”

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Michael Jackson to Be Buried on Birthday, Joe Jackson Says

Michael Jackson will be finally buried on his birthday, or so his father says. Joe Jackson reportedly told the New York Daily News that his son would be laid to rest on what would have been Michael Jackson’s 51st birthday on August 29.


Rumors regarding the whereabouts of Michael Jackson’s body have been circulating for weeks. Now 81-year-old Joe Jackson says the family is planning a final funeral for the pop icon at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles. A public memorial service was held for Michael Jackson on July 7.

Whether or not Joe Jackson really knows what the hell is actually going on is still in debate. Certainly, publically announcing the when and where of Michael Jackson’s burial could likely to lead to a change in plans for the family. Doubtless they would prefer to avoid a huge media frenzy and horde of fans showing up for what should be a private moment.

Meanwhile, the investigation into Michael Jackson’s death continues and the release of official autopsy results continues to be delayed.

Joe Jackson Says Omer Bhatti is Michael Jackson’s Son

In a video interview with NewsOne.com, Joe Jackson dropped a bombshell this week by saying that Omer Bhatti is indeed Michael Jackson’s son. Rumors Omer Bhatti was Michael Jackson’s secret son exploded over the Internet after the 25-year-old was seen sitting with the family at Jackson’s memorial service.

“Yes, I knew he had another son,” Joe Jackson says in the video. “Yes, I did.”

Michael Jackson and Omer Bhatti as a child
Michael Jackson and Omer Bhatti as a child

As SnarkFood.com reported earlier, Omer Bhatti lived with his parents, who worked for Jackson, at Neverland Ranch for eight years. Bhatti’s mother, Pia Bhatti, is rumored to have had a one-night stand with Michael Jackson in Oslo in 1984. However, Omer Bhatti has reportedly denied he is Michael Jackson’s son. “Michael is not my father,” Bhatti allegedly told a friend, who then leaked the conversation to the London Mirror.

Joe Jackson, Michael’s father, seems to believe otherwise. “[Omer] looks like a Jackson, acts like a Jackson, can dance like a Jackson,” he says in the video interview. Jermaine Jackson has also hinted that he believes Omer Bhatti may be Jackson’s biological son as well. “We won’t deny it,” Jermaine told The Daily Mail. “We are going to give him the same love and care that we give Prince and Paris and Blanket.”

According to a 2004 Us Weekly report, Jackson allegedly told close friends that he did have an affair with Pia Bhatti and was indeed Omer Bhatti’s father.

Watch the Joe Jackson video here: