Steven Tyler Not Quitting Aerosmith – Hurray!

Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler wants the world to know he has no intention of quitting the band. Joining guitarist Joe Perry on stage during a performance at New York’s Irving Plaza, Tyler firmly denied he was quitting Aerosmith.


Steven Tyler made a surprise appearance after a performance by The Joe Perry Project – Perry’s side band – in New York, taking to the stage with Perry and giving a shout out to the crowd. “I just want New York to know, I am not leaving Aerosmith,” Tyler said before taking to the mike for a rendition of “Walk This Way,” one of the band’s iconic hits.

Last week, Joe Perry shocked Aerosmith fans when he told the Las Vegas Sun Tyler had apparently decided to leave the band. “Steven quit as far as I can tell,” Perry said. The statement was reportedly spurred in part by an interview Steven Tyler did with Classic Rock magazine saying he wanted to focus on his own solo projects.

Perry also revealed Tyler had very little contact with other members of the band since he broke his shoulder falling off a stage earlier this year. Posting on his Twitter feed, Perry said Aerosmith would be “looking for a new singer to work with.” Obviously, this was finally enough to get Steven Tyler to crawl out from whatever rock he was hiding under and set the record straight.

Let’s hope Tyler and the rest of the band can get their act together and get Aerosmith back on the road and in the studio, pronto!

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Joe Perry Says Steven Tyler Quit Aerosmith

Guitarist Joe Perry is telling the press lead singer Steven Tyler quit Aerosmith after falling off stage at a performance earlier this year. According to a press statement by Perry, Aerosmith is now looking for a new lead singer to fill in for Steven Tyler.


Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry reportedly said lead singer Steven Tyler has “quit as far as I can tell” and has been avoiding speaking to other members of the band. Steven Tyler broke his shoulder falling off a stage during a performance earlier this year and has pretty much been out of the public eye since the accident.

“I saw online that Steven said that he was going to leave the band,” Perry reportedly said. “I don’t know for how long, indefinitely or whatever. Other than that, I don’t know.”

“Frankly, the last few months I’ve been wanting not to rock the boat,” Perry said. “I don’t want him cancelling any more gigs,” tells Joe. “We just kind of didn’t want to call him out or anything and get him anymore pissed off, for whatever reason. So we just let things lie.”

Perry reportedly said Aerosmith is on the hunt for a new lead singer, although he did not actually say it was to replace Steven Tyler permanently, but rather to “move the Aerosmith… vibe up a notch.”

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