Nicole Richie and Joel Madden finally get married

First comes love, then comes the baby carriage (twice), and now, finally, comes marriage – Joel Madden and Nicole Richie tied the knot on Saturday, in the company of about 130 family members and friends.  The guest list had a mixture of celebs and relatives, and they went with a classy, traditional theme.

One thing remains a mystery, though – a trained elephant was seen entering the ceremony grounds (Lionel Richie‘s estate), and it seems so out of place given the subtle, elegant nature of the rest of the ceremony, one wonders what the elephant was doing there.  Perhaps it was on the guest list?

Paris Hilton Is Not Blind

Paris Hilton may have that fug wonk eye, but the chick is not blind. Proof? This weekend La Hilton was in Miami at the Fountainbleau hotel where she hung out with hunky ex-boyfriend Stavros Niachros. They hit up club Mokai on Saturday night, and Paris’ boyfriend Benji “Pudge” Madden was NOT around. Pudge was in New York with his bro Joel helping MTV kiss TRL goodbye for good.

Star magazine said that Paris arrived at the nightclub at 2:30am after partying at the Fountainbleau hotel all night, following the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. A snoop (probably the dude with the drink who looks like “uh-oh, girl, I’m dropping a dime on YOU tonight”) told the rag that:

“Paris and Stavros were all over each other. They were at the same table for about an hour and then they left together. It didn’t seem like Benji was on her mind at all!”

Uh, duh! Take a good look at Stavros there, with his unbuttoned shirt. Yeah, it’s cheesy, but good grief he is easy on the eyes. Benji, however is not.

Benji’s been rumored to have cheated on Wonky at least twice already, so perhaps she’s returning the favor. C’mon, look at her. She is SO a freakin’ happy not to be looking at Benji.