Red Sox Pitcher John Lackey Divorce From Wife Battling Cancer

Boston Red Sox pitcher John Lackey has filed for divorce from his wife Krista Lackey. The divorce papers were filed in Texas and claim the “marriage has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities.” Krista Lackey is currently battling breast cancer.

Red Sox Pitcher John Lackey - Photo:

John Lackey filed for divorce in Texas on August 30, using only his and his wife’s initials, according to The divorce petition states that John and Krista Lackey had a prenuptial agreement and that Lackey has specific “separate property” he plans on holding on to.

John Lackey and Krista Lackey married in November of 2008. reports that Krista Lackey had a double mastectomy in March followed by chemotherapy after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Apparently John Lackey was so impatient to offload his cancer-stricken wife that he would not even wait until the off-season, which is only a month away, to file for divorce.