Gotti film just scored a huge star

As if it weren’t cool enough that Lindsay Lohan was going to get to be in a film with John Travolta, the movie biography of John Gotti has just cast an even bigger star: Al Pacino.  Pacino is slated to take on the role of Neil Dellacroce, a colleague of Gotti’s who had many ties to the Gambino crime family.

Although this means that Pacino is not in one of the lead roles, Dellacroce is still an important figure in Gotti’s life, so hopefully this means mare than a little screen time for Pacino.  He has tended toward overacting in recent projects, but he’s still one of the finest actors out there for my money, and I’d pay to see any movie he’s in, even if it does have Lindsay Lohan in it.

Nick Cassavetes quits Gotti movie

The upcoming film about the life of John Gotti, starring John Travolta as the man himself, had Nick Cassavetes attached to it as director, but sadly Cassavetes has had to pull out of the project for scheduling reasons.

Filming is due to begin in the fall, but Cassavetes has a previous obligation, and the two projects simply can’t be reconciled.  So now the question is, who will producer Marc Fiore get to direct the film? Martin Scorsese seems like an obvious choice, but that guy’s so busy I doubt if he’d have time to do it, either.  They need someone who can keep that kind of storyline from turning corny, as well as someone who can fit it in their schedule.

Lindsay Lohan still employable

Just when you thought you’d never have to see another film with Lindsay Lohan in it, along comes Victoria Gotti to say that she wants Lindsay Lohan to play her in the upcoming film about John Gotti’s life.  Lindsay is currently the frontrunner for the role, beating out Hollywood A-listers like Blake Lively and Sienna Miller, and frankly, she does have the perfect look to play Gotti’s daughter.

If all goes as planned, John Travolta will be starring in the movie, which should make it at least halfway interesting to watch, and if Lindsay can stay out of legal trouble long enough to film her scenes, this movie might actually happen for her.