John Mayer Admits To Being “Just A Jerk” In Past Relationships

John Mayer admits to being “just a jerk” in past relationships. In an upcoming interview with CBS This Morning, this singer admits, “I was just a jerk” in past relationships. Mayer, who infamously referred to Jessica Simpson as “sexual napalm” in a 2010 sit-down, tells host Anthony Mason that he’s now a changed man.

“It’s very liberating when you finally realize it’s impossible to make everyone like you,” says the “Your Body Is A Wonderland” crooner. He adds, “I wanted everybody to like me. I thought I was one shuck and jive away in every direction.” Mayer goes on to tell the morning show that dealing with the bad press from his overly-candid interviews was even worse than recovering from throat surgery and not being able to sing. Continue reading John Mayer Admits To Being “Just A Jerk” In Past Relationships

Jessica Simpson Responds to John Mayer Playboy Comments on Oprah

Jessica Simpson is none too happy with ex-boyfriend John Mayer and she’s telling Oprah Winfrey all about it. In an interview on Oprah airing Wednesday, Jessica Simpson slams John Mayer for revealing far too much information about their sex life to Playboy.

Jessica Simpson on 'Oprah'
Jessica Simpson on 'Oprah'

“Sexually it was crazy… It was like napalm, sexual napalm,” John Mayer told Playboy of his relationship with Jessica Simpson.  Mayer also compared Simpson to “a drug… like crack cocaine.”

Appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Jessica Simpson said she is “disappointed” in ex-boyfriend John Mayer for dishing about their sex life. “I don’t want people to know how I am in bed,” Simpson tells Oprah.

In the interview, scheduled to air on Wednesday, Simpson also speaks with Oprah about the public response to her weight gain last year. “I love my curves,” Simpson says. “I’m not going to ever be size 0, and I don’t want to weigh 90 pounds.”

Honestly though, after being called “sexual napalm” in bed by John Mayer, we’re doubting Jessica Simpson is going to have any trouble keeping the guys out there drooling over her, no matter how ‘curvy’ she is.

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John Mayer Racist Penis Jokes a Flacid Fail

John Mayer‘s racist penis jokes during a recent interview with Playboy magazine are sparking outrage from fans and heated criticism from the media. We just think his idiotic comments prove once again that Mayer should keep his mouth shut at all times unless he’s singing.

John Mayer (Photo: Truejustice - Source: Wikimedia Commons)
John Mayer (Photo: Truejustice - Source: Wikimedia Commons)

In a racy interview with Playboy, John Mayer spilled far too much information about his sex life, especially his trysting with plastic girl Jessica Simpson.

“That girl is like crack cocaine to me,” Mayer said. “Sexually it was crazy. That’s all I’ll say. It was like napalm, sexual napalm. Did you ever say, ‘I want to quit my life and just f—ing snort you? If you charged me $10,000 to f–k you, I would start selling all my s–t just to keep f—ing you.'”

If that weren’t enough to make you want to reach for the eye bleach, Mayer went on to talk about how his penis is racist when asked if he’s ever dated a black woman. “My dick is sort of like a white supremacist,” Mayer said. “I’ve got a Benetton heart and a f—in David Duke cock. I’m going to start dating separately from my dick.”

Even though his dick apparently shudders at the thought of getting it on with non-Caucasian women, Mayer apparently thinks the feeling is not mutual.

“I am a very…I’m just very. V-E-R-Y,” Mayer said. “And if you can’t handle very, then I’m a douche bag. But I think the world needs a little very. That’s why black people love me.”

Not only do we not need to hear that John Mayer would happily pay Jessica Simpson to be his prostitute, we really don’t need to know his penis is a racist (which, being attached to your body, pretty much says you are too John). Who the hell says this kind of shit and doesn’t know he sounds like the world’s biggest asshat? Seriously, John Mayer needs to park the crazy juice and zip it before he ends up being a bigger joke than Mel Gibson.

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John Mayer Says He’s Never Gotten Over Breakup with Jennifer Aniston

Singer-songwriter John Mayer took off his shirt and bared his soul for the new issue of Rolling Stone. Mayer, who appears shirtless on the cover of Rolling Stone, told the magazine he still has hard feelings over his breakup with former girlfriend Jennifer Aniston.

John Mayer 'Rolling Stone' Cover (Photo:
John Mayer 'Rolling Stone' Cover (Photo:

“I’ve never really gotten over it,” John Mayer told Rolling Stone. “It was one of the worst times of my life.”

Mayer and Aniston hooked up in 2008, but the relationship was always rocky. In his Rolling Stone interview, Mayer shoulders a lot of the blame for the breakup with ‘America’s Sweetheart’. “I’m the asshole,” he said. “I burned the American flag. I basically murdered an ideal.”

“All I want to do now is f— the girls I’ve already f—ed, because I can’t fathom explaining myself to somebody who can’t believe I’d be interested in them,” Mayer said of his current dating life. “I’m too freaked out to meet anybody else.”

Reading the interview, it’s obvious John Mayer doesn’t think all that highly of himself or his serious of messy relationships with women. Mayer backed up his self-recrimination with a post to his Twitter feed saying: “Just read my Rolling Stone cover article. I’m still not sure if I would want to hang out with me.”

Check out the latest issue of Rolling Stone for the full interview with John Mayer – and way more information than you needed about his personal life.

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John Mayer May Have Dumped Aniston Again


Geez you need a scorecard to keep up with John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston, but Stalker doesn’t seem to be able to hold on to the lady-lovin’ Mayer despite her best P.I. efforts.

A source says that the pair’s on-again, off-again relationship may have ended when Aniston returned from overseas, where she was promoting the heartbreaking Marley & Me. She returned sometime within the last week.

“He broke up with her when she got back from her European tour,” the source told E!. You KNOW this has utterly ruined the life of any future Aniston beau, as the stalker instinct in her soul has just gotten a turbo-boost. She knew better than to leave him by himself!

Stalker managed to drag John to the Oscars to ward of the mighty powers of Brangelina, but he must have bolted shortly afterwards. Of course, the respective reps are mum, because Stalker has threatened to cut their tongues out if they dare speak. This is not a new policy.

One pal (Courtney Cox for sure) warns that we shouldn’t be quick to assume the two are through for good because they’re both fickle as 2 year-olds. Yawn. Wake me when something exciting happens between these 2 oxygen suckers, like if Stalker ever gets preggers or John marries his guitar.

Desperate Aniston Made Aides Search For A Boyfriend

Jennifer Aniston was SO desperate to be in a relationship when her new movie goes head-to-head with ex-hubby Brad Pitt’s, that she had her aides interview potential boyfriends for her, according to the UK Daily Mail. Jen and Brad both are releasing films on Christmas Day…Jen in the dog-comedy (heh) Marley and Me; Brad in the fantasy drama The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.

Apparently, Stalker Aniston couldn’t deal with being single when the films came out, while Brangelina would be strutting the red carpet together. Jen had spilt (briefly) with John Mayer at the time, and assistants were called in to find her a ‘replacement’. An insider spilled that:

She didn’t want to face the glare of being unattached while Brad Pitt toted Angelina Jolie around. She did not want to be single when her movie opened.

Well, this news is WAY more embarrassing than a solo red carpet walk! Jen and John are back together, but John must be wondering WHY. Don’t worry, John. Jen won’t let you out of her sight, as usual. You’ll get PLENTY of attention.

Stalker Jennifer Aniston Pregnant With John Mayer’s Babe?

Hmmm. If this claim by Australia’s New Weekly is true, it would explain why Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer got back together after their recent very public breakup. Jennifer Aniston pregnant? The Stalker’s been trying to have a baby forever, and ex-hubby Brad Pitt’s ever growing brood with Angelina Jolie is a slap in the face approximately every 9 months.

Jennifer has a big task to tackle if she wants to tame Mayer’s famous womanizing. John is reportedly trying to throw Jen off the trail by promising her that he’ll quit smoking and cut down on drinking in order to give their romance another shot. Red herring! Jen’s friends were glad she dumped John, and have been scratching their heads as to why they seem to be reunited. Getting pregnant is NEVER a good reason to try and salvage a relationship, and Snarkista thinks marriage should come before babies.

Aniston’s wanted to be a mom for a very long time, however, so if the rumor is true…maybe she’ll finally have that little someone she’s been hoping for. Just don’t let John Mayer make his funny faces at the baby, it will scar the poor thing for life. Stay tuned.