Criminal Complaint Filed In John Edward’s Mistress Story

UPDATE: Fox News has independently confirmed the NATIONAL ENQUIRER’S report about John Edwards’ late-night visit to the Beverly Hilton hotel earlier this week. Oh, the shizz is REALLY hitting the fan now! John Edwards’ secret meeting with his mistress at the Beverly Hilton hotel has now become part of a criminal complaint. The National Enquirer broke the story of Senator Edward’s not-so-secret hookup with his mistress. Now, Enquirer reporters Alan Butterfield and Alexander Hitchen have filed a criminal complaint with the Beverly Hills Police Department, charging that hotel security acted unlawfully while the reporters were trying to question the former senator.

Edwards now could be contacted by police to give an eyewitness account of what occurred. THIS is why the shizz is hitting the fan. The mainstream media has basically stayed out of this story, leaving it to the bloggers and internet news reporters. That could all be about to change.

When the Enquirer reporters were documenting the trysts, hotel security tried to stop them from questioning Edwards in the basement of the hotel after he came off an elevator and appeared to be attempting to leave the hotel unseen. His secret mistress Rielle Hunter and her baby were upstairs, and Edwards had just spent hours with them what he thought was a secret rendezvous.

As Butterfield and Hitchen tried to question Edwards, he ran down a hallway and ducked into a men’s public bathroom. The reporters attempted to follow him in and Edwards pushed the door shut from inside. Hotel security showed up and intervened. The reporters charge that not only did one security guard threaten to break their camera but that security also violated several statutes of the California Penal Code, including false imprisonment and preventing a guest from entering land.

The reporters were registered guests at the hotel, while Edwards was not. Police recorded the criminal complaint and will turn it over to detectives. Senator Edwards better be at Tiffanys or Cartier right now shopping for something NICE for wife Elizabeth. Not gonna be any potential V.P. “Time For Some Campaignin'” for John!