Jon Gosselin Dumped by Divorce Lawyer

The divorce of Jon & Kate Plus 8 stars Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin is likely to be delayed for a bit. Turns out Jon Gosselin’s divorce lawyer has decided to dump his client just a month before the couple’s divorce was to be finalized.

Jon Gosselin on 'Good Morning America'
Jon Gosselin on 'Good Morning America'

The divorce of the Jon & Kate Plus 8 stars was set to conclude in October, but Jon and Kate may just have to stay married a bit longer. Charles J. Meyer, Jon Gosselin’s divorce attorney, has filed a petition in Pennsylvania to be removed as counsel scandal-plagued father of eight.

You know you have to be a grade A loser when even your divorce attorney doesn’t want to have anything to do with you.

Jon and Kate Gosselin filed for divorce in Montgomery County, PA in June. In court papers, Kate Gosselin called her relationship with Jon Gosselin “irretrievably broken.”

The two have been battling it out in private and in public ever since. Kate Gosselin said during her guest host sting on The View this week that she recently had a “meltdown” over Jon’s philandering ways. Jon, meanwhile, said on Good Morning America last week that he has grown to “despise Kate” for how she’s portrayed him in the media.

Kate Gosselin Admits to Meltdown on The View

Kate Gosselin may have been appearing on The View on Monday as a guest host, but it wasn’t long before the topic turned to her own personal drama with estranged husband Jon Gosselin. After dishing on Kanye West‘s rude behavior on the VMAs Sunday and Serena Williams‘ outburst at the US Open, Kate Gosselin admitted to her own loss of control over the weekend.

Kate Gosselin on The View

When asked by The View co-host Sherri Shepherd how she felt about Jon Gosselin’s relationship with 22-year-old girlfriend Hailey Glassman, Kate Gosselin said: “This is definitely, I’m not going to lie, difficult… The truth, for the sake of my children, I’m going to take the high road.” Gosselin refused to discuss her drama with her soon-to-be ex-husband further, but did admit she had “a meltdown” in the privacy of her own home over the weekend.

Regarding those who think the Gosselins should just ditch Jon & Kate Plus 8 and focus on trying to live normal lives, Kate Gosselin said the show must go on. “I’m a single mom and I need a paycheck,” Gosselin said on The View. “Let’s face it, I have to support my children.”

Meanwhile, Jon Gosselin was spotted out and about having a grand time hopping after parties following the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday. Interestingly, Jon was partying it up all night without girlfriend Hailey Glassman.

Jon Gosselin on Good Morning America – ‘I Despise Kate’

Jon Gosselin, star of Jon & Kate Plus 8, appeared on Good Morning America on Tuesday to vent his feelings about soon-to-be ex-wife Kate Gosselin. In the GMA interview, Jon Gosselin says he has grown to “despise” Kate and speculates about Kate’s alleged affair with bodyguard Steve Neild.

Jon Gosselin on Good Morning America
Jon Gosselin on Good Morning America

“I despise [her] because she’s not speaking from the heart,” Jon Gosselin told ABC’s Chris Cuomo on Good Morning America. “Please — the stuff you tell me in private should be the stuff you tell me on TV.”

Ironically, Jon Gosselin doesn’t seem to have a problem dragging the couple’s dirty laundry out in public. When asked about rumors Kate Gosselin had an affair with bodyguard Steve Neild, Jon could have simply said “no comment.” Instead, he decides to throw a heaping load of fuel on the fire.

“I speculate, but I don’t know — that’s a general feel. You know, almost like when they were traveling together, I felt jealous… Whether it’s protection or not, it’s all in — it’s in the back of my mind.” Of course, Kate Gosselin didn’t mind sharing her opinion on Jon’s extra-marital activities when she appeared on The Today Show recently. Tit for tat – so to speak.

Jon Gosselin even goes so far as to accuse Kate Gosselin of stealing his wedding ring. “I don’t have the ring. So I laid it down one night. It was gone. Who else would take it?”

Jon and Kate Gosselin’s divorce is set to be finalized by the end of the month. More of Jon Gosselin’s whining can be seen Wednesday night on Primetime: Family Secrets at 10pm on ABC.

Jon Gosselin Slams Kate on Good Morning America

In interviews with Good Morning America and Primetime airing this week, Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Jon Gosselin wants the world to know he’s a real person, with real feelings. Those feelings apparently include being seriously pissed off at soon-to-be-ex wife Kate Gosselin.

Jon Gosselin on Good Morning America

“Our relationship will never be fixed,” Jon Gosselin tells ABC News’ Chris Cuomo in his Tuesday interview on Good Morning America. “I don’t trust her anymore. I was abused,” Gosselin says. “I was beaten down …I’m not going back to that life style.”

While Kate Gosselin has blamed the breakdown of her marriage on Jon in the public media, he says the end of their marriage was Kate’s decision. “She made the first move. She knows the truth,” Jon Gosselin says on GMA. “I wish to God, she would speak from emotions … She’s not speaking from the heart. Please, the stuff you tell me in private should be the stuff you tell me on TV.”

“I was beaten down for so long, I couldn’t even make my own decision,” Jon Gosselin says. “And when I did, I was like, holy cow! You know? Yeah, what’s she gonna do? Divorce me? All right. Obviously. You know.” The Jon & Kate Plus 8 star even claims he tried to get Kate to go to marriage counseling, but she refused to go with him.

Watch Jon Gosselin’s interview on Good Morning America on Tuesday, Sept. 8, and more on Primetime: Family Secrets at 10 p.m. ET.

Kate Gosselin on Larry King, Next Up – The View

Not to be outdone in the media whoring department by estranged husband Jon Gosselin, Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin is making the rounds on talk shows from Larry King Live to The View.


Looking calm, collected and utterly miserable, Kate Gosselin showed up on Larry King Live this week to subtly diss former love Jon Gosselin, talk about the Jon & Kate Plus 8 show and her future plans. The whole bit about her “kids just playing in front of the cameras” when asked if the show might be doing any harm to her 8 children – classic and no one is believing it anymore Kate.

Next up for Kate Gosselin is a guest spot on The View on Sept. 14 and 15. Kate Gosselin will sit in for Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who is on maternity leave until October. Now we just have to wait and see which Kate Gosselin will be appearing on The View. Cool as ice and tight-lipped media manipulator Kate? Or angry, screaming, call the cops on Jon Gosselin Kate?

We’re hoping it’s the latter – far more entertaining.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Star Jon Gosselin Begging to Be Fired

Poor Jon Gosselin. Apparently all the media slamming over his endless alleged girlfriends is getting to him. Rumor has it Jon Gosselin is just a short step from being fired by TLC. Apparently, the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star wouldn’t mind getting ditched by the network, calling his life a “nightmare”.


Yeah, we’re sure your life is oh so much worse than your children’s right now Jon. Amazing how he deftly manages to blame everyone else but himself for his troubles, no matter how many girls he’s sneaking in to snog while his kids are sleeping. And really, Jon is so sick of the paparazzi that he just can’t seem to STFU anytime they come anywhere near him. From magazine interviews to talk show appearances, Jon Gosselin just can’t seem to escape that spotlight he apparently detests so much.

Of course, Jon says it’s all about the money – naturally. So he’ll just have to keep whoring himself out – literally and metaphorically – even though he hates it so very much. Because he  apparently doesn’t abhor the limelight enough to give up his pricey new digs, or his sports car, or designer sunglasses, or… well, you get the picture.

If Jon Gosselin can’t manage to stop talking about how much he just can’t stand being the star of Jon & Kate Plus 8 anymore – it would be lovely for TLC to grant him his fondest desire and fire him AND Kate Gosselin already. It’s way past time for their 15 minutes of fame to be over.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Stars Wrangle With Police Again!

Looks like Jon & Kate Plus 8 stars Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin may have tangled with police again Thursday night. Police were allegedly called to the family home Thursday evening after yet another screaming argument.


Jon Gosselin and soon-to-be ex-wife Kate Gosselin were reportedly engaged in another nasty fight when police arrived on the scene around 7 p.m., according to Details are sketchy about exactly what was going on or who decided to phone the police. Oddly it seems has taken down their original post about the second police-involved incident. So there is always the possibility the report is false, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true.

Last Thursday night, police showed up at the family home to pry Jon and Kate Gosselin apart after a screaming fight over Jon’s alleged diddling with babysitter Stephanie Santaro. reported Kate Gosselin was the one who brought in the cops that time.

Seriously, for two supposed parents who are constantly swearing their kids are their top priority, Kate and Jon Gosselin sure don’t act like it. Mady and Cara are surely old enough to surf the internet by now. Which they probably do every time their parents aren’t hovering over them to quash every bit of freedom out of their lives.

If Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin truly gave a shit about their kids, they’d STFU, cancel their damn television show ASAP and give some vague attempt to be a normal divorced, dysfunctional family. Jon Gosselin might soon find himself fired from TLC soon anyway if the rumors have any substance, so it’s about time he got himself a real job.

Oh and Jon Gosselin, take those stupid earrings out of your ears, stop screwing the help and start taking some friggin’ responsibility for your actions. Nobody idiotic enough to saddle themselves with eight children has the right to act like an immature, mid-life crisis sucking asshat. Get over yourself. You lost the privilege to act like an overly horny, whiny teenager the minute you knocked up Kate the first time – much less being insane enough to do it the second time!