Jon Gosselin Dumped by Divorce Lawyer

The divorce of Jon & Kate Plus 8 stars Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin is likely to be delayed for a bit. Turns out Jon Gosselin’s divorce lawyer has decided to dump his client just a month before the couple’s divorce was to be finalized.

Jon Gosselin on 'Good Morning America'
Jon Gosselin on 'Good Morning America'

The divorce of the Jon & Kate Plus 8 stars was set to conclude in October, but Jon and Kate may just have to stay married a bit longer. Charles J. Meyer, Jon Gosselin’s divorce attorney, has filed a petition in Pennsylvania to be removed as counsel scandal-plagued father of eight.

You know you have to be a grade A loser when even your divorce attorney doesn’t want to have anything to do with you.

Jon and Kate Gosselin filed for divorce in Montgomery County, PA in June. In court papers, Kate Gosselin called her relationship with Jon Gosselin “irretrievably broken.”

The two have been battling it out in private and in public ever since. Kate Gosselin said during her guest host sting on The View this week that she recently had a “meltdown” over Jon’s philandering ways. Jon, meanwhile, said on Good Morning America last week that he has grown to “despise Kate” for how she’s portrayed him in the media.