Jon Gosselin on Good Morning America – ‘I Despise Kate’

Jon Gosselin, star of Jon & Kate Plus 8, appeared on Good Morning America on Tuesday to vent his feelings about soon-to-be ex-wife Kate Gosselin. In the GMA interview, Jon Gosselin says he has grown to “despise” Kate and speculates about Kate’s alleged affair with bodyguard Steve Neild.

Jon Gosselin on Good Morning America
Jon Gosselin on Good Morning America

“I despise [her] because she’s not speaking from the heart,” Jon Gosselin told ABC’s Chris Cuomo on Good Morning America. “Please — the stuff you tell me in private should be the stuff you tell me on TV.”

Ironically, Jon Gosselin doesn’t seem to have a problem dragging the couple’s dirty laundry out in public. When asked about rumors Kate Gosselin had an affair with bodyguard Steve Neild, Jon could have simply said “no comment.” Instead, he decides to throw a heaping load of fuel on the fire.

“I speculate, but I don’t know — that’s a general feel. You know, almost like when they were traveling together, I felt jealous… Whether it’s protection or not, it’s all in — it’s in the back of my mind.” Of course, Kate Gosselin didn’t mind sharing her opinion on Jon’s extra-marital activities when she appeared on The Today Show recently. Tit for tat – so to speak.

Jon Gosselin even goes so far as to accuse Kate Gosselin of stealing his wedding ring. “I don’t have the ring. So I laid it down one night. It was gone. Who else would take it?”

Jon and Kate Gosselin’s divorce is set to be finalized by the end of the month. More of Jon Gosselin’s whining can be seen Wednesday night on Primetime: Family Secrets at 10pm on ABC.