Why Did the Jonas Brothers Break Up? We Don’t Get It

The official announcement confirming a Jonas Brothers split has left fans devastated and us questioning WTH happened. Why did the Jonas Brothers break up? What could possibly lead three brothers with an internationally successful band earning millions of dollars to call it quits? Was it just too much ego going on? The rumors of drug and alcohol use? Or did someone just think they were better off flying solo? Ugh, rich people problems.

Jonas Brothers Break UP

Rumors of a Jonas Brothers split have been going on for a while now. Well, virtually since they sort of broke up previously a few years ago and mostly focused on their solo projects. When Paul Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas said they were canceling their comeback tour, fans went wild. Things were not looking good at all.

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Demi Lovato goes into anger management rehab

Disney Channel actress and dancer Demi Lovato has been admitted to a treatment facility, but instead of the usual drugs story, this time it’s about her inability to keep herself from lashing out.  Lovato is currently on tour with the Jonas Brothers, and on one of her nights off, she and some friends did a little partying, which may or may not have gotten out of control.

The next day, the tour managers seemed to know all about the partying, and they questioned the appropriateness of Lovato’s behavior.  Angered, Lovato wanted to know who told on her, and after suspecting a particular dancer, she started a physical altercation with the dancer, who apparently did not fight back.  Lovato now feels terrible about the fight, and has recognized her need to get her anger under control.  She is currently in an unnamed treatment center.

Jonas Brothers Announce World Tour Dates!

Squeals will ring out all over the world this summer as tween heart-throbs the Jonas Brothers MAY be coming to a stadium near them! The Bros announced their World Tour dates today via a video message, listing at least 50 dates in South and North America. As for European leg, an announcement is promised soon. Hang on, girls across the pond…they’ll be coming!

Prior to traveling across the globe for the roadshow, Jo Bros will be heading up to the Bahamas in mid March for a live appearance in the Atlantis as a precursor to their upcoming world tour. They will perform in the Bahamas on March 14 and in Puerto Rico on March 22. After that, they will be coming back to the Bahamas on April 18 and May 9 for other gigs.

“We are doing our best to hit as many places as possible,” so the threesome wrote on their MySpace regarding their world tour. “The new tour will include new songs from our new CD coming out this summer, as well as songs from our new TV show (J.O.N.A.S!).”
Moms, stay alert for ticket date announcements…they’ll go fast, and you do NOT want a heartbroken tween moping around all summer long.

Taylor Swift Snarks Joe Jonas In Her New Myspace Video

Taylor Swift posted a fun new video on her Myspace complete with Rascal Flatts in drag, Taylor’s first time to vote… and a great little dig at Joe Jonas. Joe, if you don’t know, broke up with Taylor by PHONE. Manly. Check this out, it’s quite cute, and the snark comes around the 4:20 mark. Oh, and Taylor’s new album drops on November 11!

November 11th.

Miley Cyrus Loses Sleep Over Skanky Pics

Although Trainreq (Josh Holly) has stopped leaking skanky pictures that Miley Cyrus took of herself, she reportedly still worries about MORE of them getting out. Why? Because she stupidly took more than the ones that were leaked. She’s worried that Josh may have sent them to other people, and that they’ll pop on the net anytime.

A source told the Enquirer that she used her hacked e-mail account on a daily basis to send pics and letters to Nick Jonas and to her friends. Brainiac! What’s more, Miley used several email accounts to spread herself around, and she’s not sure which ones got hacked!

The bottom line is, there are more scandalous pictures that may have been accessed. Miley’s losing sleep worrying about them. Let this be a lesson to all of you self-pic takers…don’t email or post anything that you’re not prepared to have the world see. The internet is FOREVER.

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FBI Keeping Mum About Miley’s Tennessee Hacker

As you all know, Miley Cyrus’ email was hacked earlier this year by a guy who called himself Trainreq. His real name is Josh Holly, and he lives in Murfreesboro, Tennessee…about 30 miles from Nashville. Snarkista had been following his posts in a forum on digitalgangster.com ; and in the beginning…none of his fellow hackers believed his claims of having compromising images of Miley. Well, he DID, and he released some of them- all taken by Miley herself. They were supposedly ment for(and probably sent to) Nick Jonas. Needless to say, Snarkista broke the story quickly. The hack job was an easy one, according to Josh- Miley used all of the same passwords for her email, Myspace, etc. Josh gave a detailed interview to Wired, where he detailed just how he hacked Miley. You all with Myspace accounts should give it a read, and learn how lame Myspace security is. Brainiac Josh had been bugging Wired to do an interview on him.

At first, he tried to sell the pics to celebrity websites like TMZ. They all turned him down, because of the illegal way he got the shots. So, he posted them on digitalgangster.com…and later did a video interview about the hack. Josh is only 19, and like a lot of boys his age…couldn’t resist BRAGGING about his hack that received international attention. He said he’d never get caught. Just hours before the FBI arrived at his doorstep, Josh posted a message online bragging that even though he was a known hacker, federal agents would never find him. SUCKER!!

According to Josh, the FBI busted up into his apartment yesterday with a search warrant, and seized 3 computers and his cell phone amongst other things. The Feds are staying quiet about the bust, and refused comment to the Murfreesboro Post. FBI spokesman, Agent C.M. Sturgis, said he could not confirm or deny an active, ongoing investigation of Holly. Murfreesboro Police referred calls to the FBI.

Josh made some other claims to Wired, including one that he’d scammed $50,000 by exploiting an advertising scheme on MySpace accounts, but he didn’t want the details published to avoid giving other hackers ideas. Wired was unable to confirm the authenticity of his claim at the time they published yesterday. Josh is begging for some hard time. Maybe he should have a chat with Hulk Hogan’s son Nick!

Dumbass was repeatedly warned by his buds at Digital Gangster to STFU about the hack, and that he was gonna get busted. We’ve known he lived in Murfreesboro for months, and it’s not a real big place. Surprise, surprise, Josh says he’s scared now. Doh! We haven’t heard the last of him, and he’ll probably get a LOT more fame than he bargained for.