Jonas Brothers Announce World Tour Dates!

Squeals will ring out all over the world this summer as tween heart-throbs the Jonas Brothers MAY be coming to a stadium near them! The Bros announced their World Tour dates today via a video message, listing at least 50 dates in South and North America. As for European leg, an announcement is promised soon. Hang on, girls across the pond…they’ll be coming!

Prior to traveling across the globe for the roadshow, Jo Bros will be heading up to the Bahamas in mid March for a live appearance in the Atlantis as a precursor to their upcoming world tour. They will perform in the Bahamas on March 14 and in Puerto Rico on March 22. After that, they will be coming back to the Bahamas on April 18 and May 9 for other gigs.

“We are doing our best to hit as many places as possible,” so the threesome wrote on their MySpace regarding their world tour. “The new tour will include new songs from our new CD coming out this summer, as well as songs from our new TV show (J.O.N.A.S!).”
Moms, stay alert for ticket date announcements…they’ll go fast, and you do NOT want a heartbroken tween moping around all summer long.