NKOTB Jonathan Knight Gets Outed


Well, there was a lot Snarkista thought was a bit off about the New Kids On The Block’s comeback video featuring the old dudes fighting off all the beach babes. Props to the babes, however, for fab acting skills.

NKOTB Jonathan Knight, it seems, was REALLY acting! Yes- surprise, surprise, Johnny just got outed by The National Enquirer. He got popped with a Brazilian model, and not the Victoria’s Secret kind!

Kyle Wilker
is obviously feeling the global recession, so he sold his story and a couple of pictures to the tabs. Kyle told the Enquirer:

“We had a wonderful relationship. I was in love with him and I believe he was in love with me.”

Nothing says love like selling out to the Enquirer! Apparently, 80’s mall-tween turned FAIL Tiffany is responsible for this mess. Kyle said Jonathan realized he wanted dudes after dating her. Ouch! Might wanna put a headband on that, Tiff, they make GREAT tourniquets.

Obviously, Kyle is a scorned little twink, and Jonathan has moved on. No word if there will be a New Guy On The Cruise.