Songwriter Joseph Brooks commits suicide

Joseph Brooks was hardly a household name, but his work became famous in 1977 when he penned the hit song “You Light Up My Life,” originally sung by Debby Boone.  In fact, Brooks won an Oscar for the song, and went on to have a very prolific and successful career.

Unfortunately that career was marred recently by allegations of multiple sexual assaults, and over the weekend, as Brooks awaited trial for the charges, he took his own life.  Authorities have said that Brooks left a three-page suicide note, which, among other things, discussed his health issues.  Brooks is survived by a son, Nicholas Brooks, who himself is currently awaiting trial for murder.

‘You Light Up My Life’ Songwriter Joseph Brooks Commits Suicide

Academy-Award winning songwriter Joseph Brooks committed suicide this weekend at the age of 73. Brooks left a three page suicide note claiming he was innocent of charges he was a serial rapist. He was scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday on allegations he sexually assaulted at least 13 women.

Brooks won an Oscar in 1978 for the song “You Light Up My Life”.

Songwriter Joseph Brooks was arrested in 2009 on charges he raped 11 women he lured to his home by claiming he could get them movie roles. He was set to go on trial for over 80 counts of sexual abuse. Brooks’ son, Nicholas Brooks, is also awaiting trial. He is accused of strangling his girlfriend, clothing designer Sylvie Cachay, at a hotel in SoHo last year.

The body of Joseph Brooks was discovered Sunday in his home by a friend around 12:30PM. He was found with a plastic bag around his head with a hose to a helium tank attached. The suicide note left at the scene allegedly included claims he was innocent of the charges against him and complained of his failing health and financial issues.