Weird News – Pregnant Woman Gets Pregnant Again

A pregnant woman in Arkansas is reeling in shock after finding out she had conceived again, while still pregnant. Confusing isn’t it? Well, apparently Julia Grovenburg and husband Todd were expecting a baby and decided to engage in a bit of pregnant woohoo. In a strange twist of fate, Grovenburg managed to get herself knocked up a second time.

Julia and Todd Grovenburg - ABC

Doctors discovered the rare second pregnancy during an ultrasound in June. Apparently Grovenburg had conceived a second baby over two weeks after conceiving the first one. Although there is some possibility the two babies might just be ordinary twins, with one having a much slower growth rate, her doctor suspects superfetation.

“This is an unusual and rare condition, but the possibility is real. It can only be confirmed after delivery by chromosomal and metabolic studies on the babies,” Dr. Michel Muylaert wrote in a letter to KFSM-TV.

Regardless of whether this particular pregnant woman is pregnant again, the national attention on this unusual medical occurrence is likely to have men reaching for the condom box next time their pregnant woman wants a bit of play time in the bedroom…