Michael Jackson Is Auctioning Off Some Crap


Michael Jackson is still broke because he didn’t get to star in “Confessions Of A Shopaholic”. This is a horrible crime, because NOBODY can spend money on crap faster than Michael.

He’s gonna auction off some of his crazy stuff because he is running out of storage now that he’s left Neverland, and because “it’s the economy, stupid.” Actually, it’s BEEN the economy for Michael, which is why he’s parting with his sparkly gloves. Maybe Michael should be considered a leading economic indicator, since he’s been in a recession longer than any of us.

In addition to the sparkly gloves, here’s some more of Jacko’s junk you can buy:
* Heinous signed painting of Mike dressed up like a queen king (above)
* Freaky “Grandmother” fortune teller
* Scary Michael J Robo-Head
* Fugly MJ Golf Cart airbrushed with Jacko as Peter Pan
* Tacky Rolls Royce that looks like the inside of Liberace’s coffin
Sadly, the auction catalog does not show Jesus Juice among the 2000 items on the block. Maybe Mike will change his mind before the gavel falls in April.