Family bombarded with Bieber fan calls

Everyone knows that if you’re going to use a fake number for something, you use 555 for the first three digits, right?  Well, apparently Justin Bieber (or whoever writes his blog) missed the memo on this one, and jokingly put a number up on the blog, claiming it was Justin’s cell phone number.  Of course, as you can imagine, thousands and thousands of young girls started calling the number to see if they could get a chance to talk to Justin.

Unfortunately for the family of Eric McGriff, who are the rightful owners of the number that was posted, they’ve been bombarded with calls night and day.  It got so bad, in fact, that they finally had to change their number in order to get it to stop.  According to the McGriffs, they’re not fans of Justin Bieber, and they’re not amused by the stunt, either.