Justin Bieber Pranks Twitter Hacker by Posting Phone Number

Justin Bieber doesn’t play nice! In an act of revenge against a hacker who broke into a friend’s Twitter account last month, Justin Bieber posted the guy’s phone number on his Twitter feed this weekend and urged his millions of followers to give the hacker a ring.

Justin Bieber (Photo: Kevin Aranibar - Wikimedia Commons)
Justin Bieber (Photo: Kevin Aranibar - wikimedia Commons)

The alleged hacker supposedly broke into one of Justin Bieber’s friend’s Twitter accounts to try to get the young singing sensation’s phone number. Bieber struck back this weekend by posting the alleged hacker’s phone number to his over 4.5 million Twitter followers. The message posted simply read: “everyone call me XXX-XXX-XXXX or text.”

Naturally, thousands of Justin Bieber fans immediately followed their idol’s directions and did so. The alleged hacker, a teenager from Detroit named Kevin Kristopik, was flooded with thousands of phone calls and texts.

In response, Kristopik posted a YouTube video showing his phone being overloaded with Bieber fans calling in. He also allegedly called Bieber a dick on his Twitter page before deleting it.

The Tweet from Bieber with the alleged hacker’s phone number was later removed.

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Justin Bieber Australia Concert Cancelled After Fans Injured in Stampede

Justin Bieber was scheduled to perform a concert mini-set for the Sunrise morning show in Sydney, Australia yesterday and thousands of fans reportedly camped out to see him. When a rumor Bieber had arrived in town started working through the crowd, the whole mass reportedly began trying to shove its way closer to the stage. Several fans were injured and more than 100 would-be concert goers had to be pulled out of the crowd in distress.

Justin Bieber (publicity photo)

The planned Justin Bieber concert was cancelled after fans waiting to see the young singer got way out of control. A rumor that Bieber had arrived at the concert venue reportedly sent the crowd roaring toward the stage, crushing the girls near the front row.

Ten girls near the front of the pack reportedly had to be attended to by paramedics after the Justin Bieber fan crowd went nuts. Tweens and teens were reportedly breaking through barricades and trampling each other to get closer to the stage where their beloved Bieber was to appear.

Finally, organizers decided they had to pull the plug on the whole thing before somebody got killed. Bieber reportedly agreed to sing one song inside the morning show studio, away from the crowd, and then asked all his fans to please go home.

“I would love you to stay and hang, but you have got to go,” Bieber told the crowd. “The police say you’ve got to go home.” Bieber Tweeted his love to his Aussie fans later, saying he wanted them all to know “I care and u all rule and if I could thank every 1 of u individually I would.”

Listen y’all. Justin Bieber is cute. Justin Bieber has a pretty good voice. Justin Bieber, however, is not worth getting your head trampled into the pavement for. Keep it calm folks. There is plenty of Bieber to go around for all!

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