Justin Bieber Stolen Laptop Publicity Stunt for ‘Beauty and a Beat’

If you and just about everyone else didn’t know it already, it does indeed look like that whole Justin Bieber stolen laptop story is just one ridiculous publicity stunt for the singer’s new “Beauty and a Beat” music video. One would think with the endless millions Justin Bieber has earned off his tween fans, he could hire a PR firm with a little more creativity in viral marketing. Although I guess we’re talking about here despite the fact that it was a badly thought out and rather lame stunt, so I suppose it was successful anyway, right?

The Justin Bieber stolen laptop story hit the press on Tuesday after the singer claimed on Twitter that someone had taken his stuff while he was on stage at a concert in Tacoma, Washington.

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Lady Gaga Twitter record broken with 20 million followers

Can anyone break the new Lady Gaga Twitter record of 20 million followers? From what the statistics say, it doesn’t look like that is going to happen any time soon. Pop megastar Lady Gaga became the most popular person ever on Twitter this week when she surpassed 20 million followers. The @ladygaga Twitter feed is the first to ever achieve that many followers, beating out the second runner-up Justin Bieber Twitter feed by a cool 2 million, according to TwitterCounter.com.

The Lady Gaga Twitter feed became the most popular celebrity page on the social networking site way back in August, 2010 when it soared past the Britney Spears Twitter feed. At present, the Britney Spears Twitter feed only has about 13.5 million followers, way behind the current celebrity leaders.

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Justin Bieber Pranks Twitter Hacker by Posting Phone Number

Justin Bieber doesn’t play nice! In an act of revenge against a hacker who broke into a friend’s Twitter account last month, Justin Bieber posted the guy’s phone number on his Twitter feed this weekend and urged his millions of followers to give the hacker a ring.

Justin Bieber (Photo: Kevin Aranibar - Wikimedia Commons)
Justin Bieber (Photo: Kevin Aranibar - wikimedia Commons)

The alleged hacker supposedly broke into one of Justin Bieber’s friend’s Twitter accounts to try to get the young singing sensation’s phone number. Bieber struck back this weekend by posting the alleged hacker’s phone number to his over 4.5 million Twitter followers. The message posted simply read: “everyone call me XXX-XXX-XXXX or text.”

Naturally, thousands of Justin Bieber fans immediately followed their idol’s directions and did so. The alleged hacker, a teenager from Detroit named Kevin Kristopik, was flooded with thousands of phone calls and texts.

In response, Kristopik posted a YouTube video showing his phone being overloaded with Bieber fans calling in. He also allegedly called Bieber a dick on his Twitter page before deleting it.

The Tweet from Bieber with the alleged hacker’s phone number was later removed.

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