Kanye’s Pissed ‘Cuz He Sucked On SNL- Video

Snarkista and Snarkista Jr. have been talking about this one since Saturday Night Live was over this week...Kanye West sucked as the musical guest. Kanye brought his super space-stage (the one that took him forever to set up at Bonnaroo and pissed everybody off). That was the best part of his show.
1. Kanye’s synthesizer on his voice was busted.
2. Kanye couldn’t find a note if it hit him in the sunglasses.
3. Kanye dances like a cross between an Elvis impersonator and someone being attacked by fire ants.

Somehow during the chorus of “Love Lockdown”, Kanye was more on-key, Lip synching? The lights were off and the super space-screen was going crazy as Kanye danced. As soon as it was verse-time- back to sucking harder. Kanye is PISSED because he “thought he was good.” Kanye ALWAYS thinks he’s good! But TMZ says that 62% of their viewers agreed with us. Crappy! See what YOU think!

Then there was “Heartless/Pinocchio Story”. Youch. And the lyrics TRULY suck. Namedropping designers is TIRED, yo.