Kanye West’s claims his album cover has been banned in the US

Kanye West just loves filling up his Twitter with hyperbole, and his latest claim is that the album cover art for My Dark Fantasy has been banned in the United States. He uploaded the alleged proposed cover to TwitPic, adding the comment “banned in the USA!!!” to the image’s caption. The cover features a painting of Kanye posing with a naked, armless, winged female monster with a tail.

While it has been reported that Kanye has been advised to change the artwork to appease US chain retailers, a source from Kanye’s label says that it’s untrue that the image has been banned, and that if he really insists on going with it, they will stand behind him. You can see the full image in question here, but be warned that it’s possibly NSFW, as there are boobs and a tail and some seriously weird art involved.