Kanye West Arrested Again For Fighting, Still Pissed.

Kanye West, who lives in Anger Management Denial, was arrested in England early this morning. Kanye reportedly assaulted one of the papz outside of the club Tup Tup in Newcastle around 1:10 am.

Terry Blackburn, the assaultee, claims his face was cut and bruised after West shoved the camera in his face and screamed: “Get the f—ing camera off!” Police arrested Kanye about three hours later at the Hilton Hotel in Gateshead, and released him without charges.

This is Kanye’s second arrest for assaulting a paparazzi. He was arrested in L.A. last September after fighting with a photographer. Charges were later dropped. Kanye sure knows how to sweet-talk the cops! And he don’t need no anger management, fool, even though his peeps have been trying to get him to go for YEARS. Look for Kanye to blog about this very soon.